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Flashpoint is the first episode of the third season and overall the forty-seventh episode of The Flash. The episode has a release from 12 years to get. [1]

Consequences description of the sender

Barry is happy in his new, manipulated reality in which both of his parents still live. In this, Reverse Flash is in a cage and cannot harm anyone. He is quite relaxed about it and Barry soon learns why ... Between Iris and her father Detective West, who leads a difficult life himself, there seems to be a deep dispute in this world ...(Text: ProSieben FUN)

Plot of the episode

After traveling back in time, saving his mother and defeating the Reverse Flash, Barry ran back into time with his opponent to keep him trapped there. This action changed the timeline in which everything turned out differently.

Barry sits nervously in CC Jitters and waits impatiently for Iris, who is a few minutes late. Iris goes to the counter to order something, while Barry takes his courage to speak to her. Shortly before he spoke to her, a flash message ran on TV that the villain Rival was terrorizing the city again. Barry interrupts his plan and makes his way to the scene at super pace.

Once there, Barry watches as Kid Flash faces the other Speedster. After a brief battle of words, Rival attacks the arriving police and Barry with fired lightning bolts. Kid Flash can save the cops and Barry and watch his rival escape.

Barry goes back to the Jitters where he sees Iris brooding over some notes. He takes the opportunity and takes her bag so that he can use it as an excuse to speak to Iris. The trick works and they both start talking. Iris remembers Barry after a moment's thought. Both were in one class in elementary school. The conversation is over quickly when Barry takes the initiative again and invites Iris to have a drink. Iris agrees and is looking forward to the meeting.

In a good mood, Barry makes his way to the CCPD and reports to Captain Julio Mendez about his success. The captain is happy for his forensic scientist until he realizes that Joe West has not shown up for duty. Barry can briefly distract from the situation and asks if he can call it a day because he still has to visit an old friend. Mendez agrees.

With a bag of food in hand, Barry runs to a remote hall where he is holding Eobard Thawne prisoner. Thawne approaches Barry about the "new world" he calls Flashpoint. He promises that he will get out of the cell and then destroy Barry's life. Barry can only smile and replies that this will never be the case. He got back everything that Thawne and Zoom took from him. Thawne explains that this world is an illusion and will obliterate both of them. Barry can only laugh about it and leaves Thawne again.

Then he goes to his parents. The next morning they have breakfast together. While eating together, Nora mentions that a friend's apartment has become vacant. Barry is irritated and wondering why he should move out. His father then notes what will happen if Barry ever has a girlfriend. Barry uses this and talks about his date with Iris. His parents are visibly impressed and are happy with their son.

At work, Barry meets Captain Mendez, who is looking for Joe again. Mendez is pissed off and declares that Joe will be suspended if he fails to show up again. Barry tries to save the situation and stands up for Joe, which is met with disbelief on the part of the captain. Barry immediately makes his way to Joe and has to find that he is sleeping on his couch. Barry resolutely takes care of Joe at super pace, so that shortly afterwards he is fully dressed in the CCPD elevator. The detective isn't particularly keen on the fact that Barry stood up for him. He expressly emphasizes that he does not need any help and leaves the elevator. As they go into Joe's office, Joe asks why Barry is interested in his life. After all, the two don't know each other. While Barry is looking for an answer, Iris comes into the office. Immediately Joe realizes something and he doesn't agree to Barry seeing his daughter. Immediately he gets a comment back from Iris, which shows that the two do not get along very well. Then Barry and Iris set off. On the way there is small talk between the two when Barry suddenly forgets some memories of the iris from the first timeline during a dizzy spell. At the same time there is a police operation as Rival and Kid Flash fight each other. Iris immediately apologizes and breaks off the date, which Barry doesn't particularly bother. After Iris is gone, he runs to the scene and watches the fight between the two costumed people. The Speedsters run up a skyscraper and shift the fight inside when Kid Flash is thrown out the window and falls into the depths. Barry tries to intercept him with a hurricane, but does not succeed. Eventually, Kid Flash falls into a garbage can. Barry goes to the unconscious hero and takes off his mask. He looks astonished into the face of Wally, who is just coming to.

After Wally is back, both men go to Kid Flash's operations base. Barry is surprised that the base is not particularly secure, after all, you never know who is coming through the door. Iris suddenly appears behind some shelves and agrees with Barry. The astonishment is great and so Barry is questioned by the siblings, who can only answer the questions poorly. Finally, Barry distracts and announces that Rival must be stopped and that he will help them with it. Iris gives in and realizes that only Cisco Ramon can help them.

The three make their way to the former S.T.A.R. Labs, which Cisco has now bought as the richest person in the USA. Cisco is not thrilled when he sees the West siblings. In the laboratory, he makes it clear to them once again that he doesn't want anything to do with fighting crime. After this statement, Barry interferes, who tries to convince Cisco of its good values ​​and tells a story from the life of Cisco. He is amazed and wants to know how Barry knows this information when Barry again forgets memories during a dizzy spell. Confused, Barry asks the others what he just said. He then leaves Ramon Industries and visits Thawne.

He feels confirmed in his previous statement and continues to explain that Barry is being forgotten more and more and so the new timeline overwrites the old one. It will even go so far that Barry forgets that he is the Flash. He can only change that if he releases Thawne so that he can kill Nora. Flash is angry and leaves his prisoner again.

Then he runs off and brings Wally and Iris to Cisco. Everyone is amazed that the Flash is in front of them. Barry unmasked and declares that he will help them against Rival. The amazement increases after Barry reports of his manipulation of the timeline. He is not believed and Cisco is about to kick the others out when Barry notices that someone from the actual team is still missing. Immediately he goes on his way and brings Caitlin Snow into the laboratory and explains to the others that Caitlin was a big part of the team as a scientist. Caitlin interferes, noting that she is just an ophthalmologist for children. Iris has heard enough and asks Barry to come out of the lab.

In the hallway, Iris confesses that she believes Barry. She always felt that something was missing from her. Dias went down after Barry spoke to her in Jitters. Barry can only confirm this and admits that the two are a couple in the other timeline. Iris is happy to hear that when Cisco comes in and mentions that they found something.

Cisco and Caitlin managed to locate Rival at the sawmill. Flash and Kid Flash immediately set off. Rival is not long in coming. After a little argument, Kid Flash begins the fight. He becomes more and more cocky and finally lets his opponent out of his sight, so that he attacks with an iron pipe and rams it into the back of the yellow Speedster. Kid Flash goes down badly injured. Eventually, Flash attacks. He succeeds in defeating the villain, but when he wants to strike for the final blow, memories disappear again that let Flash go back unsteadily. Rival takes his chance and knocks down the hero. He then creates two hurricanes that are troubling Flash. He's unable to stop them. Iris tries to help and encourages him over the radio, which he succeeds. The Flash succeeds in eliminating the hurricanes and knocking Rival down with one power blow. He then gives up, so that Flash turns his back to look after Kid Flash. Rival takes the chance and tries to pierce Flash with an iron pipe as well when a shot is fired. Flash turns around and sees fatally hit enemies going down again. The shot was taken by Joe, who arrived at the scene after hearing about the fight in the police station. Barry pulls the mask off his head, which irritates Joe until Barry mentions the injured Wally. Immediately both men run to the seriously injured man. They take him to Cisco and hook him up to medical equipment. However, it does not heal quickly and it is a matter of time before Wally dies. Barry then decides to straighten everything out again. Iris wants to help him with this.

The two go to Barry's parents so that he can say goodbye to both of them. They then leave the house and Barry gets another blow that loses some memories. Immediately they make their way to Thawne. He is pleased and wants to hear from Barry what he should do. Reluctantly, he asks the Reverse Flash to kill Nora. Then he lets his greatest adversary out of the cell. After Barry got another violent thrust, he was picked up by Thawne and brought to the night in question. There he kills Nora, only to get back to the time and place from which Barry left after Henry's funeral to change the timeline. With a grin, the Reverse Flash says goodbye and leaves Barry behind. Satisfied, he goes into the house and sees Wally standing in the living room with his father. He happily hugs his foster brother. After the three men have toasted the late Henry, Barry asks about Iris, which Joe doesn't find funny at all. He puts down his beer and leaves the room. Barry is puzzled and doesn't understand what has just happened. Wally doesn't think it's great either and mentions that Joe and Iris don't talk to each other anymore. Then he also leaves the living room. Barry is horrified and can't believe what he's done. Affected, he sinks onto the sofa.


  • With his manipulation, Barry created the timeline "Flashpoint"
  • After his return, the normal timeline has changed slightly



  • The shooting lasted from 07/06/2016 to 07/18/2016
  • This is the first episode of the series in which Tom Cavanagh (Harrison Wells) does not appear