How can I get my mind going again?

Clean & let go

If we optimize the excretion via the organs of the liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin, ballast and foreign substances can be better removed from the body. These include endogenous metabolic end products, environmental pollutants, medication, alcohol and additives. Dare to take a closer look at your sweet tooth and unhealthy habits.

  • What is not good for you? And what is good for you?
  • Where was it too much? Where was it perhaps not enough?

Refuel and regenerate

If we supply nutrients and vital substances in a targeted manner and these are available to the metabolism, our body detoxifies sufficiently again. Depots in the connective tissue, the liver and the cells themselves, which we know under the term "slagging", are loosened. This reactivates paralyzed metabolic processes. Here is another suitable question for you.

In 8 steps to full vitality:

  1. Drink enough.

  2. Eat natural and plant-rich *.

  3. Keep moving.

  4. Breathe deeply and get fresh air often.

  5. Be less "angry".

  6. Smile more and more often.

  7. Relax with alkaline foot baths or full baths.

  8. Take small and large breaks to refuel.

* Fresh seasonal vegetables e.g. as raw vegetables in the lunch box, green smoothie for on the go, a large salad at lunchtime and a warm vegetable soup in the evening.

My recommendation against spring fatigue is 1 "detox day" a week.