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The right cycling pants is not that easy to find, a cycling pants test will help you. Depending on the driving behavior and the bike or bike saddle, there will also be different demands on the right cycling trousers in 2021.

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In general, however, you can give general advice on buying cycling shorts. Regardless of the saddle and riding style, the cycling shorts should be of good quality and serve their purpose. Bicycle clothing is functional clothing and not only serves to protect against prying eyes, it also serves a practical purpose.

Why you shouldn't do without a seat pad with cycling pants

Anyone who likes to ride a bike for a long time has certainly had the problem of sore sit bones and pain in the buttocks. No matter how thick the saddle is padded, at some point the long sitting becomes noticeable. With a seat pad in the trousers you can positively extend the pain-free sitting time.

Depending on the manufacturer, the seat pad is sometimes stronger and sometimes not as pronounced and complements the padding of the saddle. A kind of saddle in the pants, that's how you can describe the padding quite well. In cycling shorts for women, the seat pad is usually a bit wider. In general, however, it is also possible for women to wear cycling shorts for men and vice versa. You can usually only find out the shape of the right seat cushion by trying it on directly.

The seat cushion must sit correctly on the body

The seat cushion must fit snugly; this is the only way it can function properly and provide additional protection against unpleasant feelings of pressure. It forms an additional layer between the saddle and sit bones. With some bicycle saddles there is no avoiding the use of such pads, especially in the racing bike or MTB area, the saddles are very hard and do not have sufficient padding of their own. One of these saddles is e.g. the SQLab 602 Active. A sporty saddle that should only be ridden with a seat pad on longer distances.

Bike pants from the bike pants test

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For the winter we recommend long cycling trousers for better heat retention.

Cycling pants in different designs

In addition to the function of the padding, cycling pants also protect against cooling down. The breathable material lets moisture such as sweat through and retains the body's heat. As a result of this effect, the muscles do not cool down as quickly. Depending on the weather and temperatures, you can wear short cycling shorts, ¾ pants or long cycling shorts. Long cycling shorts are recommended in winter. With bib shorts you have the advantage that they don't slip and always fit exactly as you would like. With a jersey on top, the straps are not noticeable. Here you can also put on a softshell jacket in winter. Another advantage is that the pants have no cuffs on the stomach. In this way, uncomfortable pressure can also be avoided on the stomach.

Do you still wear underpants under your cycling shorts?

Whether you wear additional underpants under your cycling trousers has to be answered individually, however, it should be said that some trousers have special seat pads with an antibacterial effect and that their function is only optimal if you leave out the underpants. If you feel uncomfortable with it, just leave it on. Of course, you can also wear jeans or suit trousers over your cycling trousers, but this may be necessary for the winter or on the way to work.

You should also pay attention to this when buying cycling shorts

The cuffs shouldn't be too tight. Especially on the thigh, the cuff of the leg must not pinch this. If the trousers are already too tight when they are cold, it is better to choose a trouser size larger. The movement and exertion of the muscles supply the legs with more blood and can gain in girth while driving. However, the trousers must not be too wide either, as most cycling trousers give in over time and a baggy look is not appropriate.

Silicone leg ends provide the necessary support. Even if your legs are sweaty, your pants won't slide up when you pedal. The seams should be strong and thin. It is important to avoid uncomfortable pressing. Anyone who already feels pressure points when trying on the trousers or has an uncomfortable feeling that should choose another model. You have no choice but to do a little cycling pants test yourself.

You won't find any bags on your cycling shorts, these are usually found on your cycling jerseys and offer just enough space for a key, ID or a bit of money. Pockets would only be a nuisance on trousers and can cause uncomfortable pressure.

Follow the care instructions when caring for your cycling shorts

When caring for cycling clothing, it is essential to follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Especially when it comes to cycling rain pants. Depending on the material, you have to proceed differently here. If the trousers are made of 100% nylon, they require a different treatment than cycling trousers with a percentage of elastane. You should wash and clean your cycling pants in any case, otherwise they will quickly stink. It is advisable to rinse the cycling trousers by hand in the sink and to work carefully with hygiene cleaner for clothes.

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