Why did Jesus not have children?

Jesus was married and had children

London (epd). According to research by an Australian theologian, Jesus Christ is said to have been married twice and had three children. As the British daily newspaper "The Times" reported on Tuesday, the scientist Barbara Thiering from the University of Sydney came to these findings

studying the famous Qumran Scrolls found at the Dead Sea in 1948 and kept under lock and key for decades. Jesus was initially married to Mary Magdalene, who had given him a daughter and two sons. He survived the crucifixion and his followers did

"resurrected" him with aloe and myrrh. He lived on for another 30 years and spread his message while traveling. After the birth of the second son, Mary Magdalene left him and Jesus married a Hellenistic bishop from Asia Minor named Lydia, the Times quoted the researcher as saying.

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