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Bermuda Triangle: The puzzle is finally solved

The legendary Bermuda Triangle has long been a mystery to mankind. That also as"Devil's Triangle" designated sea area in the North Atlantic between Florida, Puerto Rico and the Bermuda Island enjoys the reputation of erasing ships and aircraft from the radar forever.

1000 human lives, 20 aircraft and 50 ships are said to have devoured the fatal triangle in the past 100 years. Their whereabouts are still unclear and unresolved. According to, an average of five aircraft disappear into the area each year.

Over the years researchers have put forward a variety of theories to explain the many unresolved missing persons cases in the sea area.Special cloud formations were cited as an explanation for this mystery as well as huge underwater craters, which supposedly emit methane gas. Mystics even speculated about it enigmatic sea creatures, aliens or voracious time holes as a reason.

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The myth of the "devil's triangle" is refuted by logic and statistics

An interview that the physicist and Science journalist Karl Kruszelnicki the Australian portal has given, the events around the sea area are now back in the realm of logic and statistics. The quintessence of this can be easily summed up: There is nothing in the legend of the Bermuda Triangle. All speculations are banished to the realm of myth and seaman's thread.

The tenor of the interview is: In this part of the Atlantic no more ships sink and no more aircraft disappear than in other marine regions with a similarly high volume of traffic. Due to the Location of the Bermuda Triangle, close to the equator and one of the richest countries in the world, the USA, A high volume of traffic in this region is logical, said Kruszelnicki.

It is just as logical that more accidents occur where there is a high volume of traffic. In terms of percentage, however, no more than in other sea areas of the world's oceans, argues Kruszelnicki. In addition, human error in the past would have often led to the accidents.

How the myth about the Bermuda Triangle came about

So is the myth only due to the exuberant imagination of pseudoscientists? Not quite.

Allegedly should already Christoph Columbus have reported that the compass suddenly went crazy in this area and a flame plunged into the sea. The myth only got real nourishment, however, when on December 5, 1945 a squadron of five American Avenger bombers with 14 men on board, known as Flight 19, got lost during a training flight over the western Atlantic and disappeared just as without a trace as the rescue plane. that was looking for the season. At that time there was strong wind and rough seas. In general, this sea area is known for being very deep and rough.

The bestseller published in 1974 "The Bermuda Triangle" by Charles Berlitz finally anchored the Bermuda Triangle as a myth in the collective memory.

Every misfortune gives nourishment to Myhtos

Karl Kruszelnicki is not the first scientist to put the events around the "devil's triangle" back into scientific light. Already in 1975, only one year after the publication of Berlitz ‘book, this was done Lawrence David Kusche. In his book he evaluated sources such as the statistics of ship insurers on accidents on the world's oceans and, like Kruszelnicki, came to the conclusion that there is no particular accumulation in the region.

However, every new calamity in the Bermuda Triangle area gave new nourishment to the myth in the past. Even Kruszelnicki's remarks will probably not change that in the long term.

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