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Ichigo Kurosaki

Birthday: 15th of July
Age: 15 years / 17 years from chapter 424
Blood type: A.
Size: 1.74 m / 1.81 m
Weight: 61 kg / 66 kg
Eye color: brown
Hair color: orange
Like: Chocolate & spicy

Ichigo is a person, a Shinigami, a Visored, now also a Fullbringer and also has Quincy skills. His father is Isshin Kurosaki. His mother Masaki has already passed away. Ichigo, his father and his two sisters Karin and Yuzu live in a house that is also his father's hospital. Ichigo never really got over his mother's death and since that day it has been difficult for him to laugh because he blamed himself for it. In the meantime, however, his friends and family give him the necessary support.

Ichigo has the ability to see ghosts from an early age. He's always had trouble making friends because of his hair color and character. However, he has been friends with Tatsuki since childhood and Chad is also a very important friend to him. Keigo and Mizuiro also belong to his close circle of friends, meanwhile also Orihime, Uryuu and some "Gotei 13" members.

In addition, is a very family-oriented person. He tries everything to ensure that the family drama with his mother does not repeat itself. His friends also play an important role. Ichigo is also a guy who worries all the time during a fight. He also becomes insecure when cornered by his opponent.

Ichigo was made a temporary shinigami by Rukia so he could protect his family and friends from Hollow. In the process, however, Rukia lost her strength and Ichigo was only supposed to do her tasks in the real world for a while. It quickly turned out that Ichigo is very adaptive. So he waged a fight against his mother's killer, Grandfisher. However, the fight ended in a draw. Furthermore, he defeated a Meno Grande together with Uryuu Ishida. Great spiritual powers are hidden in him, which was not least due to the fact that, in addition to Rukia's Shinigami powers, he also had his own.

To save Rukia from execution, he trained with Urahara Kisuke and finally had himself made a shinigami. Ichigo fought his first fight in Rukongai against the gatekeeper Gidanbou, which he won. Immediately afterwards, he and Ichimaru had an undecided argument.

In Seireitei, Ikkaku became Ichigo's opponent, whom he ultimately defeated with great difficulty. At the staircase to the tower where Rukia should be, there was a heated argument between Ichigo and Renji. The win seemed to be on Renji's side at first, but Ichigo turned the tide. His hollow mask saves his life for the first time. His severe injuries were healed in the Hanatarou Underground.

While Ichigo walked up the stairs with Ganju and Hanatrou, Zaraki stood in their way. So it came to the fight between Ichigo and the fight-loving Zaraki. After an internal dialogue with Zangetsu, Ichigo managed to escape death. Incidentally, Ichigo's hollow mask saved his life in both final attacks. This time it was Yoruichi who got Ichigo to safety and got him fit again. After Ichigo reached the tower, he had to face Byakuya. Yoruichi kept him from fighting because he would not have been able to cope with it in his current condition.

In order to be able to take on the commanders of Gotei 13, Ichigo completed a 3-day bankai training with Yoruichi. He only made it 2 days to prevent Rukia's execution in time. That’s how it ended up. After saving Rukia, Byakuya became his opponent. Here, too, it initially looked hopeless for Ichigo. This is where his hollow appeared for the first time and went amok, so to speak. This weakened Byakuya and ultimately lost the fight in both final attacks.

In retrospect, Aizen's plot was uncovered, in which Ichigo was also present to protect Rukia from him. He tried an attack, but was still highly inferior to him at the time.

After Ichigo's return from Soul Society, he realized how threatening the hollow inside him is. So-called Visords tried to convince Ichigo to join them so that he could gain control of his hollow. So it finally happened and Ichigo was trained by Shinji Hirako and his troop. Already during his training there was the first confrontation with the Espada # 6 Grimm Jow, which ended in a defeat.

Arrancar reappeared in Karakura because Aizen Orihime was planning kidnapping and using the lives of the Shinigami and Ichigo as leverage. Here came the second argument with Grimm Jow, which, thanks to Shinji's appearance, remained undecided.

When Ichigo moved to Hueco Mundo to save Orihime from Aizen's hands, Dordoni became his first opponent, whom he defeated. A short time later Ichigo suffered his first major defeat against Ulquiorra, was cured shortly after by Orihime and won the tough fight against Grimm Jow.

Shortly after Ichigo's fight against Grimm Jow, he confronted Nnoitra. Ichigo's chances were extremely slim due to his injuries sustained from the fight against Grimm Jow. Nelliel tried to protect him. Ultimately, Zaraki Kenpachi became her last resort.

Ichigo, who had to free Orihime from Aizen's hands again, came to a tower in which the second argument between him and Ulquiorra finally followed. Once again Ichigo was able to develop his skills. He was actually on the ground and was as good as dead. But Orihime's shouts awakened in him a new form of his hollow, who wanted to protect Orihime. Ulquiorra does not survive the fight.

increased hollowfication


After Ichigo and Unohana entered the battlefield in Karakura, Aizen revealed that Hou Gyoku had also worked on Ichigo and his friends. This was the only way Ichigo could fulfill his wish for more power and accomplish all of this development. This was what Aizen wanted because he wanted an equal opponent in front of him.

Before the final fight against Aizen in the Soul Society, Ichigo achieved another development with the help of his father: He learned the final Getsuga Tenshou. He used them in the fight against Aizen and lost all Shinigami powers.

Form of the final Getsuga Tenshou


Ichigo led a normal life for 17 months, but then saw his friends being attacked by strangers. Since he did not want to face it helplessly, he needed his strength back. The organization Xcution came in handy for Ichigo and so he was finally trained to become a fullbringer by Kuugo Ginjou. He succeeded in his full bring and his Shinigami powers ultimately merged with them. So far, the name of Ichigo's Fullbring is still unknown, but it results from his Shinigami badge.

However, Ginjou turned out to be an enemy who wanted to rob Ichigo of his fullbringer powers. Apparently he only partially succeeds in this. With the help of Rukias Zanpakutou, the Reiatsu of all Shinigami of Gotei 13 and a technique by Urahara and Isshin, Ichigo succeeded in creating a new Shinigami fullbringer form (the Shikai variant). Ginjou revealed the whole truth about the Shinigami badge to Ichigo in a duel and wanted to convince him that the Shinigami were his real enemies and not him. Originally it was the Gotei 13's intention to give Ichigo the badge so that Ginjou could be lured out of his hiding place and let them kill each other. However, due to all of the events in the past, Ichigo had managed to win the trust of the Gotei 13, so they changed their minds. Ichigo then presented his Bankai form, which once again changed the blade of his zanpakutous and his outfit. He won the fight against Ginjou.

left: Fullbring, middle: Shikai shape, right: Bankai shape

Ichigo plays an important key figure in the fight against the Vandenreich. From the very beginning, the Quincy fail to steal his Bankai, which makes him the glimmer of hope of the Soul Society, which was in a battle with the Vandenreich. But before Ichigo can achieve this, he is held by Kirge Opie using a Quincy technique, which he can ultimately escape. After Byakuya was defeated by Äs Nödt and looked death in the eye, Ichigo asked Ichigo to save the Soul Society. Thereupon he opposes Yhwach. This hurt Ichigo's neck. But then just a Quincy ability saves Ichigo from death. In the course of this, Ichigo learns from Yhwach that Ichigo's Quincy powers were awakened thanks to Kirges Reiatsu. Yhwach briefly mentions his mother in this context - one can assume that she must have been a Quincy. He also describes Ichigo as his "son born in the dark".

The Quincy are still forced to leave the Soul Society because the time limit for their stay there has expired. Finally, the five members of Squad Zero appear in the Soul Society. These take the three injured Rukia, Renji and Byakuya with them into the king's dimension. Ichigo also joins them because the king has something to discuss with him. But before that happens, Ichigo - after the first instance also together with Renji - carries out a kind of advanced training on the islands of the respective squad members. Kirinji heals Ichigo in his special hot springs, Hikifune fortifies him with a special meal, and then Ichigo has to renew his damaged zanpakutou at Nimaiya.

In order for him to succeed, however, he had to know his roots, which he ultimately learns from his father in the real world and then returns to Nimaiya. Ichigo now learns that his real Zanpakuto is the white Ichigo, while the old Zangetsu (an image of Yhwach) represents his Quincy powers. Since he does not want to do without both, Ichigo succeeds in connecting them. From then on he fights with two different Zanpakuto and then goes on his way to the Soul Society, where a new battle between Shinigami and Quincy is already underway.

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