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How to easily determine the value of your Pokémon cards

Do you have old treasures in the attic?

Although Pokémon was already printed as a trading card format at the end of the 90s and played by numerous fans all over the world, the world of pocket monsters is currently enjoying great popularity. Currently, some Pokémon cards are being sold for huge sums. But what are all the old and new Pokémon cards actually worth?

The value of the cards

Great luck: A website cardmavin now offers to have your cards valued online. So you can either get your dusty folders from the basement and see what kind of treasures are in the covers, or have your freshly bought Pokémon cards recognized and evaluated.

What do I need for that? All you need to estimate your cards is the name of your card and the card number. The card name is shown in the upper part of the card, while the card number can be found at the bottom of the card. For example, the number consists of numbers such as "101/108" or combinations of numbers and letters such as "SM14".

Rough price range through estimation

What else should I consider? Some cards come in different types, such as rare holo cards. Therefore you have to look for the map version in the search results that you want to have rated.

You will get this search result for Sniebel, for example.

As a search result, you will then be shown a number of cards and you can see the price and date on which the card was sold. This gives you a rough guideline of what customers would be willing to pay for your valued Pokémon card.

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The most expensive card is a 1st Edition Charizard

The way to the million is not that far anymore if you own the card "1st Edition Charizard Holo". The Pokémon card dates back to 1999 and sold for $ 369,000 around two months ago. This makes it the most valuable map in the world. You can find another 5 Pokémon trading cards that are really valuable now in a separate GamePro list.

Do you have a rare treasure in your collection?

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