Why education is bad in Algeria

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The Algerian education system is highly centralized. School attendance is compulsory for 9 years, of which 5 years in elementary school and 4 years in a secondary school.

Professional qualifications can be obtained in Algeria at schools and institutions of the Ministry of Education (Ministère de la formation et de l’enseignement professionnels - MFEP), which is responsible for organizing and developing curricula. Here, the vocational qualifications concentrate on the secondary schools. Unlike in Germany, in Algeria school education and thus secondary education cannot be clearly separated from the vocational or tertiary education sector. In Algeria, vocational training begins with attending a technical secondary school, i.e. a purely school-based training.

After attending and completing the first 9 years of school (5 years of elementary school and 4 years of elementary school), Algerian pupils can state preferences regarding the choice of further educational institutions, but they are assigned according to their results in the final examination "Brevet d’enseignement moyen - BEM شهادة اتمام مرحلة التعليم الاساسى". In addition to the possibility of attending a general secondary school (Année Secondaire (AS) الثانوية العامة) for another 3 years and then the General higher education entrance qualification "[Baccalauréat de l’enseignement secondaire] البكالوريا", Students at vocational and technical secondary schools can acquire the following vocational qualifications:

At the 2-year technical secondary school (Institut d’Enseignement Professionnel - IEP), pupils can graduate "Diplôme d'Enseignement Professionnel du 1er degré - DEP 1 "And after completing another two years the degree"Diplôme d'Enseignement Professionnel du 2ème degré - DEP 2 ”. The vocational training (formation professionnelle) at the technical secondary schools comprises both theoretical and practical training content. The practical part has been continuously expanded in recent years. Furthermore, the vocational training at (Institut d’Enseignement Professionnel - IEP) is doubly qualifying, i.e. it enables entry into the profession on the one hand and the start of studies on the other. Completion of basic education is a prerequisite for admission (Brevet d’enseignement moyen). Even pupils who are in the first year of the Lyceum (general secondary school) can switch to vocational lessons. Lessons take place 36 hours a year for 36 weeks. 60% of the lessons are job-related, 40% general education. Six to eight weeks of job-related instruction are completed in the company each year. Following the DEP2 can through a 2-year advanced course at a technical institute that Higher Technician Diploma "Diplôme de Technicien Supérieure - TS - Qualification Level 5" can be achieved. In addition, graduates of general secondary school have the opportunity to attend a 3-year state university of applied sciences / or. to visit an "intermediary institute" and graduate there "Brevet de Technicien Supérieur - BTS - Qualification level 5 " to acquire.

In addition to the above-mentioned school path of professional qualifications, professional training in Algeria can also take place via the so-called "formation en mode apprentissage - FA", a predominantly company-based apprenticeship that takes place partly in the company and partly in a vocational school (Établissement de Formation Professionnelle) . This lasts between one and a maximum of three years. The training is divided into five qualification levels, which require a different duration and to which the following professional qualifications are assigned:

• This can already be done after completing primary school Qualification level 1: “Certificat de formation professionnelle spécialisée - CFPS can be achieved through a 6-month training course.

• Middle school graduates as well as holders of the Qualification levels 1 can apply for the Qualification level 2: Certificat d’aptitude professionnelle - CAP "شهادة الكفاءة المهنية" to qualify.

• Above-average high school graduates and holders of qualification level 2 can apply for the Qualification level 3: Certificat de maîtrise professionnele - CMP classify.

• Graduates of the first year of general secondary school as well as holders of qualification level 3 can apply for the Qualification level 4: Brevet de technicien - BT educate.

• Graduates of the general university entrance qualification as well as holders of qualification level 4 can through a 3-year training for qualification level 5: Certification of technicien supérieure - BTS enable.