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Hello, I (16, student) had an interview with both OVB today and after doing some research, the whole thing seems a bit suspect to me. The woman I spoke to first explained to me what the OVB does, what the individual steps of its services look like and which of them would fall into my area of ​​responsibility or whether I consider myself suitable at all to carry out these tasks. then she explained the "unit system" to me, meaning that I would earn the units through the individual contracts and that these units ultimately represent my earnings. My first question would be how safe these units or the money would be for me and whether I have to repay the commissions if the said contracts are terminated, i.e. whether I am still liable for them after the contracts have been concluded. this is what it says in some experience reports. She also told me that I would have contact with customers, but not whether I had to recruit them or where the customers came from. According to some reports on the internet, you would have to recruit your circle of friends / acquaintances and the resulting recommendations to others would then increase your circle of customers. Is that true or do I get other customers as well? because i don't intend to involve anyone from my circle of acquaintances, and none of them could do anything with financial advice. I was told that they would contact me early enough to discuss everything else. I have not yet been accepted there, but I would bring up the above questions again in the interview.

As I said, many report on the internet that they would regret starting there, so I would like to know whether this will apply to me as well or whether I can simply earn my money there without having to worry.

thank you for your answers, get in.