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Free Android app: The cost control app tells you how much money you can spend per day

If you want to save money, you shouldn't have to spend any money. The full version of "What can I spend? Cost control" is currently free for Android users. This allows you to keep an eye on your finances and receive personal expenditure statistics. So you always know how much money is available to you every day.

What can i spend? Cost control should help you to keep your expenses under control. While spending with cash is usually still relatively clear, with payments by card and online it often happens quickly that you spend more than you should allow yourself.

By using the Android app, you ensure that there are no more nasty surprises even after the credit card statement. Thanks to detailed information and statistics, the application is a practical companion. So you always know how much of your budget is still available to you.

Please note that we can only reflect the current status of such free promotions and have no influence on the developers' decisions to end them earlier if necessary. You should therefore always check when downloading whether the offer is still valid.

Download: cost control

App reveals: That's how much you can spend every day

To set up the application, all you need to do is enter the payday of your wages and your account balance. Already calculated What can I spend? Control costs of how much you can spend each day.

In addition, you can enter a savings target, which is included in the calculation of the daily workload. Unlike most money managers, you don't have to record individual expenses in the Android app "What can I spend? Cost control", which can be quite tedious. The app only needs a new account balance at the end of each day to calculate the new daily workload for the remaining days of the month.

Download: cost control

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