How do you teach yourself Finnish?

First overview: singular and plural in all Finnish cases

First overview: singular and plural Finnish nounscaseSingularPluraltranslation Nominative talo talot the House the houses Genitive talon talojes of the house of houses Partitive taloa taloja the House the houses Inessive talossa taloissa in the house in the houses Elative talosta taloista out of the house out of the houses Illative taloon taloihin into the house into the houses Adessive talolla taloilla on the house on the houses ablative talolta taloilta from the house (away) from the houses (away) Allative talolle taloille on the house on the houses Essive talona taloina than the house than the houses Translative taloksi taloiksi become a house become houses Abessive talotta taloitta without the house without the houses Comitative taloinees taloinees with (his) house with (his) houses Instructive - taloin with the houses