What is the best loom

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Designer loom
Table loom
Pedal position with steps
Collapsible loom
This loom with 8 or 12 shafts is very suitable for weaving the samples. You can put it on the table, or you can use a floor rack, it can also have a second warp beam.

The chest tree is 13 cm above the table height when you put the loom on the table. If you use the floor stand, you can comfortably weave with an ordinary chair.
The loom is equipped with a drawer that slides along two metal rods. This way the reed is always vertical and the hitting goes in the best way.
The sliding loading system is equipped with ball bearings on stainless steel rails.
The chain and cloth tree are equipped with metal wheels.
The loom can be folded by turning 2 of the 4 knobs.

You can use Texsolv strands 20.5 cm or metal strands 24 cm. With the levers (front of the loom), you can get a perfect progressive shed: that is, the shafts on the back rise higher than those on the front, so in front of the reel the rising warp threads are in the same plane.

You can mount a second warp beam on the back.

How to use the designer loom?