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The best films of 2020: This is the top 30 of the year

This year was a huge challenge for the cinema landscape that we are still a long way from behind us. At the same time, the longing to lose oneself in films for a few hours was hardly the greater. These complicated circumstances may also explain the composition of the top 30 best films of 2020.

Moviepilot and FILMSTARTS choose the best films of 2020

For the first time we created the traditional year-end lists of the films together with our colleagues from FILMSTARTS. These Top 30 Best Movies 2020 paints a varied picture of the past film year.

Sci-Fi blockbusters and sensitive dramas, big cinema and ambitious streaming productions alternate. From the controversial six-hour film experiment to animation fun for the whole family, you will find everything your heart desires in this list of the best.

How did the top 30 best films come about?

The election took place as follows:

  • Every member of the Moviepilot and FILMSTARTS editorial team submitted a list of the 10 best films of the year.
  • Each place was assigned a fixed number of points from 1 (10th place) to 10 (1st place).
  • In the end, the points were added up and the result was the top 30.
  • The prerequisites for the films were cinema, DVD, TV or streaming premieres between January 1st, 2020 and December 31st, 2020.

A total of 90 different films were submitted. At the Battle for first place in the best films Then it was really close: The top 2 had a tie and only the number of entries decided the winner.

But enough of the banter. Let's go to the list ofbest films 2020 from Moviepilot and FILMSTARTS!

The best films of 2020 - 30th place: His House

In His House, a young couple flees Sudan and hopes to find a new home in England. But then Rial and Bol are repeatedly caught by their cruel past. The house in which they plan their future turns into a gateway to their worst nightmares. His House - that's 93 of the most nerve-wracking minutes of the film year. (MH)

  • His House is streaming on Netflix.

The best films of 2020 - 29th place: Underwater

Underwater literally throws us into the cold water right from the start. Film exposition, introduction to characters? Nothing. And that works amazingly well. It is enough to know that Kristen Stewart as a deep-sea researcher and her crew are drawn further and further into the abyss of the Marian Trench. The rest is survival horror and breathless action. (IT)

The best films of 2020 - 28th place: Monos

Bigfoot, Rambo and Wolf are the names of the warlike children in the visually stunning jungle frenzy Monos. The Colombian festival favorite sums up the training of this guerrilla troop in raging images of rugged mountains and wild clouds. Monos is less shocking because of its sparse story, but primarily as an audiovisual experience. (YY)

The best films of 2020 - 26th place: Trolls 2 (tie)

Trolls World Tour definitely has Exceeded expectations. Children will be delighted by the many bright colors and quirky characters, adults by the interplay of different styles of music and the wonderful message. Trolls World Tour is exactly the film that we needed on a few days in 2020. (AW)

Best films 2020 - 26th place: Bill & Ted save the universe (tie)

Bill & Ted save the universe

Bill & Ted save the universe is that best legacy source (Legacy + Sequel) for a long time. The heart of the wacky comedy with Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves is set three decades ago, but the head is set in 2020. This time, Bill and Ted as well as their daughters experience an epic journey through time and we experience a loving, feminist parable. (AW)

The best films 2020 - 25th place: Da 5 Bloods

Nobody escapes their war trauma in Da 5 Bloods. Director Spike Lee's Netflix film accompanies a group of African American Vietnam War veterans as they return to the scene of the devastating events. The influences, from the war film to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, are numerous. Still, Lee filmed a bewitchingly strange exploration of history and genre. (YY)

  • Da 5 Bloods is streaming on Netflix.

The best films 2020 - 24th place: Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal is an intense drama in which the music becomes the supporting actress and the hearing becomes the star. Rogue One star Riz Ahmed plays drummer Ruben, who is slowly losing his hearing. How he deals with it and with his partner and collaborator (Olivia Cooke) is captured in the film through the unique sound design, which makes Rubens' perspective painfully tangible. (YY)

The best films of 2020 - 23rd place: I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I'm thinking of ending things

Charlie Kaufman came back this year with his first film in five years. I'm Thinking of Ending Things is a deeply disturbing, but also deeply touching glimpse into a lost soul. It all starts with an inconspicuous visit to the potential in-laws. But Kaufman's film soon turns into an odyssey between space, time and personalities. (MH)

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things is streaming on Netflix.

The best films 2020 - 22nd place: The Assistant

Director Kitty Green comes from the documentary and that is evident from The Assistant's powers of observation. It is precisely this attitude that dominates the haunting view of a film production company, which gradually exposes structures of power and abuse. Julia Garner's performance as a young assistant to a Harvey Weinstein blend is masterfully calibrated. (YY)

The best films 2020 - 21st place: Emma.

As an extremely successful new Jane Austen film, Emma convinces with an overly enthusiastic ensemble and an unexpectedly funny tone. When Anya Taylor-Joy raises an eyebrow and shows off her coupling skills, the whole of England should beware. And so do we. (IT)

The best films of 2020 - 20th place: Onward - No half measures

Pixars Onward offers a modern fantasy world and a lot of feeling in a gorgeous way: No half measures. When two elven brothers try to bring their deceased father back and stumble into a ludicrous adventure in the process, it is not only the ideal substitute for vacation, but also a cathartic experience full of tears of the most positive kind. (ES)

The best films 2020 - 19th place: DAU. degeneration

A six hour satire about the depths of Soviet science is DAU. Degeneration and yet much more. The result of a controversial art project, a challenge for the audience, brutal, difficult to access and sometimes breathtaking. (YY)

  • DAU. Degeneration is currently not streamable. There are other films from the project on Dau.com.

The best films of 2020 - 18th place: The Prom

With a lot of kitsch, glitter and lively music, The Prom lets 4 divas (including Meryl Streep) loose on a conservative small town in order to give the lesbian Emma a prom free from intolerance. With energetic musical interludes and an important message about community, selflessness and acceptance, The Prom becomes a heartwarming Netflix highlight. (MW)

  • The Prom is streaming on Netflix.

The best films 2020 - 17th place: The color from space

The H.P. Lovecraft film adaptation The color from space. The sci-fi nightmare is always best when Nicolas Cage and film wife Joely Richardson peel out the couple's complex relationship between pink alien shimmer and scary make-up. (YY)

The best films of 2020 - 16th place: Jojo Rabbit

Between Marvel and Star Wars, Taika Waititi slipped in a cheeky satire this year. In Jojo Rabbit, a little boy imagines an imaginary Hitler as his best friend during World War II. That makes for a lot of weird humor, which certainly not everyone likes. But the friendship that develops between the boy and a Jewish girl is definitely touching. (MH)

The best films of 2020 - 15th place: The Lodge

From a child's point of view, Grace (Riley Keough) looks like an intruder in the cool horror drama The Lodge. Grace, however, only wants the best for her boyfriend's offspring. The perspectives of young and old collide in an icy hut, which Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (I see, I see) use as the basis for the uniquely uncomfortable atmosphere of their somewhat different family film. (YY)

The best films of 2020 - 14th place: Hamilton

Disney + presents with Hamilton the recording of the musical of the same name by Lin-Manuel Miranda about the life of the American founding father Alexander Hamilton. A successful Broadway musical has never been so easily accessible to so many people. Here hip-hop meets jazz, R&B unites with soul and there are also great, classic musical numbers. A streaming experiment that worked. (IW)

The best films 2020 - 13th place: Birds of Prey

One of the worst superhero films of the last 20 years comes from Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn, who easily shakes off the ballast of Suicide Squad. The liberation is already in the title Birds of Prey: The Emancipation of Harley Quinn. Director Cathy Yan leads her heroine through a great choreographed firework of action with great visual ideas. (HB)

The best films 2020 - 12th place: The Gentlemen

A typical Guy Ritchie film awaits you in The Gentlemen with Matthew McConaughey: a weird ensemble of characters, a fireworks display of dialogues, a soundtrack to rock with and an interwoven story with a fast pace and numerous twists and turns. (IW)

The best films 2020 - 11th place: Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Dan Stevens in Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest has canceled and Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga was the perfect replacement. Once again, Will Ferrell is spying in a world that has its own cultural laws. The silliness of the ESC overstated Eurovision with great lust, love and precision. (HB)

  • Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is streaming on Netflix.

The best films 2020 - Rank 10: Berlin Alexanderplatz