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The way to becoming an SEO Consultant

Ms. Kreuter, you have already gained professional experience in online marketing. Why did you want to learn more about SEO now?

In my job as a specialist in online marketing for an international company, I was part of a major website relaunch. Of course, I wanted to bring my experience to bear as much as possible. Since search engine optimization was not planned during and after the relaunch, the topic landed on my table. SEO is rightly an important part of online marketing and is often underestimated in complex website structures and especially in niche industries. I wanted to avoid that and took on the topic. First I tried to read everything important myself and to solve requirements together with our technical service provider. But it quickly became clear to me that when doing research on the Internet, one would find different opinions on many questions. So when I reached my limits autodidactically, it was clear to me: I need external, condensed, but qualitative knowledge and looked around for further professional training.

There are many ways to learn about SEO. Why did you choose the offer from TH Köln?

It was important to me that the training takes place over a longer period of time and that I have an exchange of knowledge with experts in order to be able to put the knowledge I learned directly into practice. Then I “googled” like most of the other participants and came across the offer of the TH. It quickly became clear that the university had done its homework and had itself achieved good rankings in the search results for the topic of "SEO training in Cologne". In addition, I already knew one of the lecturers and was able to assume what level this course would be. I also liked the fact that the course ends with a written paper and not with a pure knowledge-based test. During the course, each participant writes a term paper on the topic of onpage optimization and content marketing for a website of his / her choice that he / she would like to optimize. At the end of the last lecture block, this work will be put together as a thesis - the so-called "Casebook" - and supplemented with further findings. So you can immediately apply what you have learned to a self-chosen example and test it in practice.
The absolute USP and the decisive point for me was ultimately the personal contact with the training manager Clara Euler. She is available to answer all questions and has taken a lot of time in advance for my queries.

What experiences have you had in continuing education?

In addition to imparting knowledge, such further training also offers the possibility of knowledge exchange. You get the chance to get new input outside of your own sphere and to get to know a different point of view. For me personally, the exchange with the other participants was therefore particularly exciting. We were able to learn from each other and give each other new food for thought. The lecturers also did their part by making the lecture interactive and responding to our examples and specific questions.

Immediately after your training as an SEO manager, you received the right professional development. Are you telling us about it?

During the seminar, I noticed my current employer again and again in the form of articles on www.mindshape.de or publications on the subject of online marketing and search engine optimization. This also includes the comprehensive SEO manual, which, according to the opinion of experts, every SEO expert should have on their bookshelf. When I held this in my hands to write my homework, my desire to specialize professionally in the field of SEO became concrete. I applied and then everything happened very quickly: an interview via zoom, trial work, virtually getting to know the team and a few weeks later my first day at mindshape.
The knowledge I gained in the seminar and my discovered passion for the topic certainly contributed to the fact that I got the chance to develop myself further in this direction. My new tasks are very varied and exciting. This includes: SEO consulting, project management and the support of my colleagues as SEO managers. Even if the entire onboarding and getting to know each other was done remotely, I was welcomed openly and warmly by everyone. I've been with mindshape for 3 months now and I feel very comfortable.
Based on your personal experience: What tips could you give to those who also want to focus on the SEO area professionally, but are perhaps still at the very beginning?

In the SEO area, a lot works in exchange with other SEO experts. Since Google, as the largest search engine, does not reveal the secret of its more than 200 ranking factors, it needs empirical values ​​on which to develop your strategies. My tip: So look for an exchange with other experts and build up a network. There are round tables, groups in social networks or free seminars from SEO agencies - online and offline - in which you can participate. Tries to find well-founded and trustworthy sources in the vast expanse of the Internet that others recommend. In addition, from my own experience, I can of course recommend the mindshape SEO manual, which is already in its 10th edition this year. If you are just as passionate about the topic as I am, you will be able to take a lot with you from the SEO Manager certificate course.

September 2020