Has Obama made US healthcare expensive

'Obamacare' bought at a high price?

For the columnist of the New York Times the healthcare reform scratches the essence of America:

"The essence of America is energy - the vibrations of the market, the mobility of people and the irrepressible creative drive of entrepreneurs. These vibrations grew accidentally, from a mixture of religious zeal and material wealth, but they were also nourished by a will. Nourished by ours Ancestors who created national capital markets to escape the ossified grip of agrarian landowners, were nourished by the 19th century Republicans who built the railroad and the rural school system to ensure free markets over long distances. And it was nourished by the progressives who broke the crushing grip of the cartels. Today America's clout is challenged. Our country is aging. Other nations spend 10 percent of their national product on health care. We have 17 and it could soon be 20 or 25 percent This legislature wanted to end the cost explosion that Investments in innovation, education and elsewhere stifled. She won't. "

The one in Switzerland also sees the exorbitant costs The New Zurich Times the real problem of the US healthcare system. But that remains untouched by the reform:

"Obama's reform has been very one-sided - it emphasizes almost exclusively the social component, while the core problem of the health system, the explosion in costs, remains untouched. Contrary to what the president had originally promised, it will According to credible estimates, reform will not slow down the cost spiral, but only drive it even more. That is not surprising, because the inefficient health system will not be completely overtaken with the new laws, but simply extended to millions of other insured persons. America can't afford to let costs get out of hand with annual trillion deficits. Obama once vowed that he would be the last president to tackle health care reform. There can be no question of that today - the politically most sensitive part of a convincing reform is only just ahead. "

Also for the conservative Polish daily Rzeczpospolita Obama's victory was bought at a price:

"It is Obama's great political victory. But is this success also good for America? Opinions are divided. Reform supporters claim that the stability of life that the law gives millions of people will generate additional economic energy. The Opponents warn of budget collapse and the end of the capitalist ethos of the USA, even the end of the USA itself. (...) The Republicans paint the Marx ghost on the wall and have understood it, with this fear a large part of society to infect. America is not threatened by socialism for the time being. But the Americans are threatened with a budget shortfall during the budget crisis. Obama supporters assure that the cost of reform will not get out of hand. The Americans have every reason to doubt these claims. "

On the other hand, the one appearing in Berlin fears "Daily newspaper" in reform damage completely elsewhere. First of all, she sees a major step in the reform project:

"But the process has also shown that nothing is left of Obama's plan to change political culture. Objective cooperation, compromises? Nothing. A cross-party understanding that has grown in the financial crisis that state action is not just the devil? Where does it come from? Obama was only able to prevail because he and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi used all the instruments of the political business, even the ugliest ones. And that was just enough to win over enough MPs from their own party. It's good that they did it . But sustainable change in thinking would look different. "

The conservative looks precisely at the power-political fortunes of the US president The Times appreciative. For the British daily, the President's reform has once again proven that he is on the right side of the times:

"Dhe US House of Representatives vote is historic in every way. It raised many questions, including whether President Obama can govern as hard and determined as he campaigned. He has proven that he can do both. He was a consistent candidate and is a consistent president. To do this, he had to give up his dream of non-partisanship in favor of party reasoning. The time for this reform had come. The richest country in the world could no longer accept that 46 million people had no health insurance. It is not the first time that Obama has proven that he is on the right side of history. "

The second largest daily newspaper in the USA, the Californian one, is completely different Los Angeles Times. Your commentator addresses the President and the "reality of the." Obamacare":

"First of all: Congratulations to President Obama and the Democratic leadership. You have won a dirty victory against a two-party opposition consisting of Congress and the majority of Americans. In any case, you have polarized the country even more and us Most likely ruined too. But, hey, you won. Bubbly for everyone! Simply and poignantly, you nationalized healthcare on behalf of. Insurance companies are now highly regulated government corporations. That's how you get it big business out of Washington! They will make a small, government-approved profit from their government-approved contributions. And then, when healthcare costs rise - and they will - the Democrats will lament this profit orientation and get out of the Trojan horse of the Obamacare will again descend an army of liberals and demand a more honorable contribution system. The Obama administration put the insurance industry in that Blackwater of the healthcare system. "

Author: Sven Töniges

Editor: Oliver Pieper