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Browsing by the lake: There is now an open book box in the Obersee-Orankesee-Park

Old Hohenschönhausen. In the middle of the rose garden near the water tower, there has recently been an old telephone booth. The booth is no longer used for telephone communication, but as a miniature library.

Whether it's in the cozy beer garden by the water tower, a few steps further to the Orankesee terraces, on the park bench or in the meadow: Anyone looking for a place in the Alt-Hohenschönhausen Park to relax with a good book no longer needs a book extra to carry along.

The Friends of Obersee & Orankesee has a new offer for young and old bookworms. Near the water tower on Waldowstrasse there is now a telephone booth that has been converted into a book box - filled with free reading material for young and old.

Birgit Fleischhauer from the Förderverein had the idea for an uncomplicated exchange of books, while colleague Ralf Dickel took care of the old phone booth. “We were immediately enthusiastic about the project,” says Nikola John, who is also involved in the association. "But of course we first had to take care of the approval to set up the box."

When the permit was granted, there was still a lot of work to be done: a call for books and shelf donations, collecting and processing the donations, transporting and decorating the phone booth. There was quick agreement on where to go: in the rose garden. There the exchange box is flanked by two benches, on which people in a reading mood can sit down and leaf through the pages. The exterior of the box was designed by Nikola John's 14-year-old son Yann - with the outline of Goethe. Her Filius chose the motif because Goethe “symbolizes good literature and is authentic to him,” she says and explains how the reading offer should work. “If you like, you can take out up to three books and borrow them, either just for the time at the lake, but also for longer. After a few days, however, the volumes should come back. "

Further donations are welcome to keep the miniature library full. Thrillers, short stories, children's literature - anyone who has read a book and no longer needs it can put it directly on the shelves. However, the volunteers from the Obersee & Orankesee Friends' Association still have one wish. “We would like to appeal to users to handle the box and inventory with care. Our offer should please walkers and neighbors as long as possible. "

In the event that something breaks or gets dirty, the association asks for a hint, by e-mail to [email protected] or at 981 29 81. bm

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