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"Where do you learn that?"

Johnny had clearly taken Rachel's words to heart, so the brunette noticed every day that Johnny Storm could be a pretty sociable young man if he wanted and even if he loved to tease his buddy Ben over and over again, she saw them Friendship of the two and even found that cute in their own way.
Even Johnny had to admit that there was a lot more fresh air with Rachel at home and he was even happy when he saw her every morning.
So the time with the preparations went by faster than expected, there were already Reed's bachelorette parties on the last days before the wedding, Susan had gone out with her friends the day before thanks to the planning of Alicia and Rachel and had enjoyed an unforgettable evening. So Rachel only looked up briefly when she found Reed, Johnny and Ben in loose evening gowns in the lobby, before Reed thanked Rachel again that Rachel stayed longer today to finish everything later and Johnny winked at her again over his sunglasses. Finally Ben stopped by her, he waited at the counter for the elevator before he would go down with the other one.
"And little one, what are your plans after today?" Asked the stone man and looked at Rachel who was only stapling two documents together.
"Ohh as soon as I'm home I'll make myself comfortable in the tub." She just smiled, ran her hair through her long brown hair before looking back at Johnny, who was apparently overhearing the conversation.
"Dirty thoughts out." She only said to him before turning back to Ben with a smile.
"Just don't overdo it, I think Miss Storm doesn't like to see that." She smiled and made Ben laugh out loud.
"Oh Sue can handle things like that more easily than if Reed were only in the laboratory again." Ben just laughed, seeing that the elevator opened, which was the start signal for him too.
"So have fun." Rachel smiled before she picked up all the documents and went to the laboratory to close it later after filing and shutting down the computer and to make sure that nothing was open.
Then she went back to the apartment to check that everything was right there, even though she knew that Susan Storm was still there. She quietly looked for the leftover laundry to introduce the washing machine so that it might be through tomorrow when she started again.
"You don't have to do all that when we're there." She heard behind her as she closed Johnny's room, after his half the basket was already full again.
"I like to do that Miss Storm." Rachel only replied, saw the shadow of Susan before she switched on the light and now saw Rachel in front of her, the laundry basket loaded and Sue had to smile.
"Just call me Sue." Said the blonde before she continued to watch Rachel just nodded in a friendly manner and then checked the actual laundry basket in the bathroom again, looked for a few items of clothing there before she went to the laundry room, everything there Throwing the machine and presenting it.
"What are the boys doing now?" Sue sighed before watching Rachel close the door and now stand uncertainly in front of her superior.
"Mister Richards is a responsible man, he knows that he shouldn't overdo it and her brother ..." Rachel began, looking for good qualities to keep Johnny from looking like the idiot he was occasionally before Sue laughed softly heard.
"I see." She just grinned and saw Rachel look at her beeper from reception when it started to blink.
"I'll just have a quick look Sue." Rachel explained again, trying to keep the looseness up before she smiled at the blonde again before she stepped out of the apartment into the lobby and just got behind the counter when the doors swung open and three uniformed men came out, but she only smiled politely and with the words "Miss Storm will meet you soon." She looked down the hall to wait for Sue to appear, while the black man on the front eyed the clerk critically.
"Good evening." The lady of the house did not have to wait long and slowly walked down the corridor towards the small troop who automatically turned to them, Rachel suddenly seemed to be air.
"Thank you Rachel." Sue escaped again before the brunette just nodded, that seemed to be the sign that she could leave if she wanted and she was quick to wait a little longer, to keep her distance and possibly to listen before she did took her bag and jacket.
"What can I do for you?" Rachel heard Sue ask, she saw from her position how the dark-skinned man walked quickly towards the little woman before he presented his request.
"We want to see Doctor Richards." It came like an order from his mouth and Rachel watched as Sue held it up when she answered.
“Sorry, he's not here at the moment. Can I help you somehow? "Sue asked politely, even if she already didn't like the general's behavior.
"Yes. Bring me to him immediately. ”There was even something threatening when the man in front of her looked down at little Susan Storm, but she only smiled, her bright blue eyes almost twinkled when she gave in.
"Okay." Was all she said, now she saw Rachel having the sign that she could come again, the jacket already on and her long brown hair pulled out of it.
"I'm just going to get my jacket, Rachel, would you come with us?" Susan asked, just thinking that Rachel could help her stay calm at this moment more than her brother or Ben could. She knew that Reed had eaten something and that little anger in her stomach made it a lot easier for Susan to drag the general along with the bar that Johnny had pinned to her fridge.
Rachel looked briefly at the tall man, nodded to him before she got into the elevator with the three soldiers and Sue, later in a limousine and then to a party location that she herself knew only too well from a few parties. You could already hear the music on the sidewalk and look up once more at the colored lights projected into the sky.
"Johnny has done a mess, huh?" Rachel sighed as she followed Susan and the soldiers inside, she only saw the dancing people, looked around the crowd and recognized Ben, this wasn't difficult due to his size and still while Sue already had her future husband in her sights, Rachel walked through the crowd and stood inconspicuously to Ben, who had already turned his back on Sue.
"What are you doing here?" Asked Johnny from the other side of Ben when he recognized the young woman who was ordering a Coke from the bartender.
"I'm Sue's buffer, I think." Rachel explained loudly, but Johnny didn't seem to understand her because he was standing on the other side of Ben and so got around the stone man, who just watched the whole thing with amusement and enjoyed his beer Before Johnny stood in front of Rachel, she came so close that she explained to him again in a calm voice why she was here and a little later Johnny looked up from above.
"Well, that would be a shame." He explained just before he turned around, one could hear two girls screeching again and the human torch seemed again distracted while Rachel accepted the drink and went across the dance floor to Sue and Reed before she realized it Reed recognized the general.
"Can I speak to you in private?" Asked the general and looked seriously at Reed while Sue only looked at the crowd and the women while Rachel offered her the Coke.
"Or do you have to lick a few more tequilas from strange body parts." It came sarcastically from her mouth before she accepted the cola and took a long drink from it, the cold drink was good for her and Rachel looked once more into the crowd before she sighed. She hadn't taken Reed Richards for such a man, but you never knew, as they always said, still waters run deep.
"I just explained to you that I mean ..." Reed began to talk his way out, now briefly glanced at Rachel who looked more dragged along than that she was here voluntarily before he looked at the general again.
"About the Big Bang .. I just went along with it. That .. was .. Johnny's idea. "The other excuses went under when the general passed him, then Susan followed him and he looked again at Rachel who just shook her head before she nodded to him that he should follow his fiancée, she stayed at a distance again and a little later felt the hand of Ben, who pushed it in front of him even if he knew that Rachel definitely didn't belong here and so she let herself fall back to Johnny a little later before Sue asked Ben where Reed came from and the general knew each other, Rachel stopped at the entrance and looked at one of the soldiers who were positioned there and eyed her critically.
“A few years ago he wanted to push through a new missile defense system. Reed explained that the technology wasn't working. ”Ben explained before the Hagar interrupted him.
"I'm only here Richards on direct orders from the General State, I personally would never share secret information with a civilian in my life." But it was only disparaging of him when he looked almost disgusted at Reed, who however only remained calm he also has no other option.
"And certainly not with someone who enjoys public attention so much," he mocked.
Rachel meanwhile tried to move away from it, it didn't seem to be the place to be here, but a look into the eyes of the soldier next to her made her freeze, she continued to listen while she tried not to keep her gaze on the general and just watched Johnny and Ben standing next to each other at the kitchen counter.
"As always, the pleasure is on my side as well." Reed replied only in a friendly manner, making Hagar smile politely for a moment before he began to explain after Reed asked him to do so.
“We are dealing with unusual occurrences all over the world. In public we have downplayed the seriousness of the situation, of course, but these anomalies pose a great threat to internal security. ”Hagar could be heard saying and Rachel was curious when she looked briefly at Reed and then at the recordings that were shown to him before one of the soldiers blocked her gaze.
"That was recorded by one of our spy satellites." Explained the man next to Hagar and shows the couple the recordings of a meteorite, at least it looked like that in the first one.
"What is that?" Sue asked and looked at the general who only replied that he hoped that Richards and Co could tell them.
"I've never seen anything like it before." The scientist had to admit before he took another look at the records and then passed them on to Ben.
“Actually, it looks like a meteorite. But the tail is wrong. That there radiates its own energy. ”Ben explained before there were further notes that Hagar showed them.
“These craters have appeared in remote areas around the world since the incident. They are up to 200 meters in diameter. ”And Reed was shown a computer recording of a crater that he was able to marvel at.
"To find out more, we have to find a way to locate and intercept this object." Hagar explained and looked around, Rachel looked past the soldiers again to see the satellite image briefly and as soon as she saw further she caught Johnnys look up, he just smiled at her before she sighed. So that was the real work of the Fantastic Four and now she was right in the middle of it.
"You'd have to build a sensor that would be linked to our computers via the satellite network." Reed automatically began to think further, he didn't even see that Sue was annoyed again and was ready to leave.
"Then we could pinpoint the position of the object," Reed explained at the end before Hagar thought further.
"Okay, they'll build the sensor for us and we'll take care of the satellite network." Hagar began and was immediately interrupted by Reed.
"I'm sorry, I can't." These words from Reed's mouth made everyone look up, even Rachel glanced briefly at her boss and watched as Reed approached Sue.
"We're both getting married next Saturday, I don't have time." Reed explained as he put his arm around his fiancée and made her smile, but everyone else looked as if Reed had just talked about something abnormal.
"Richards, your country needs your help." Hagar threatened almost before Reed gave in.
"Ask Professor Jeff Wagner, he teaches physics at Brown University, he can help you too." Reed passed on and watched as General Hagar looked for the documents together, visibly pissed off.
“I was expecting more from Richards. More even from you. ”Came the older man's mouth before he left with his people, not without throwing a disparaging look at Rachel who was still standing in the doorway and standing looking up at the man she had no problem with such a kind of authority figure and even seemed to almost lapse into a military stance as she stood there, ready to go through an appeal.
Only when all of General Hagar's subordinates had passed, the young woman was relaxed again, but Johnny had already noticed the whole thing and grinning, he put an arm around Rachel's narrow shoulders before pulling her out of the kitchen to join the party crowd again running, he needed a drink now.
"Where do you learn that?" He asked amused as he drove to the bar with Rachel next to him, he noticed from the strong steps that Ben was following them, while Susan and Reed had apparently already gone to the exit.
"In Tel Aviv." Was only the simple answer that came out of Rachel's mouth, clearly too toneless, she didn't seem to look forward to this time with good memories and when Johnny looked at her briefly, she knocked on the bar, ordered from the bartender three drinks for me and the boys and looked at Johnny.
"Any questions?" Came out of her mouth emphatically, something that Johnny had never seen in the woman before and he swallowed hard before shaking his head lightly and devoting himself to the short one he found before me a little later.