Basketball is a dying sport

That was exactly his problem at the beginning of his professional career in 2009. He was fast, agile and accurate, but he was often injured and was soon labeled too soft for the body-hugging league. Dad Dell, yes, that was a great NBA pro. The younger brother Seth, yes, he could become one, he now plays for league rivals Sacramento Kings. Stephen? Talented, but too soft.

Curry reacted to this criticism with a bored expression, he couldn't grow anymore. He got a bit stronger, but above all he got even faster, more agile, even more accurate. Last season he converted 77 three-point throws in a row during a training session.

Because the Warriors still have such a sniper in their squad with Klay Thompson, coach Steve Kerr can straighten the playing field in such a way that he sometimes doesn't even send a center onto the field. Under the basket there is hardly anything going on in the offensive with the Warriors - except when Curry rushes towards it because he has escaped his opponent.

The monsters in the middle, such as Shaquille O'Neal was, are now considered a dying species, as are post-up specialists like Dirk Nowitzki, who wait for passes with their backs to the basket. The success of the so-called Small ball-Strategy is statistically verifiable: Why create a move for two points when one is similarly promising for three points? Numerous teams are currently changing tactics and squad planning (the Houston Rockets recently found no buyer for their center Dwight Howard), and this season there should be more than 58,000 successful threesomes. The league record so far is 55 137.

The gurus speak up

Of course, the gurus now claim that they could easily have eliminated Curry, the NBA simply no longer defends properly. That's true, but Kerr - as a player a member of the Record Bulls and colleague of Michael Jordan - says: "No player from any era would be able to take Stephen off. He's too fast, too talented, too good." It is now Curry's game, everyone else is only allowed to participate.

Curry seems to be able to stop another rule change at best. Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is already calling for the three-point line to be moved further back. However, Curry would only look bored and annoyed, after all, his hit rate is even better from further back - 50 percent. One would have to move this line to Curry's supposed home planet. Probably he would still meet and look casual doing it.

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