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Video on demand

short: VOD; German for example: video on request; On-demand video

As Video on demand refers to all methods of downloading digital video material on request from an Internet provider or service or viewing it directly via a video stream with suitable software. Fast broadband internet access via cable or DSL (at least 6 Mbit / sec for optimum picture quality) is required for the video stream, ie reception in real time. The video is broadcast either over an Internet connection (as with IPTV) or over a broadband network; the return channel, via which the customer's channel selection is transmitted to the broadcasting center, is automatically available with an Internet connection, but not with the broadband cable network, which is why a return channel is switched via the telephone network if necessary.
in the Download procedure the video must be downloaded before viewing; at the progressive download it is possible to start viewing during the download if enough data has already been buffered. At the Streaming the data is downloaded and played back at the same time. If the time of playback can be chosen arbitrarily, one speaks of True video on demand. In contrast, the content starts at Near ‑ video ‑ on ‑ demand (also Video near demand) at fixed intervals; For example, you can dial into the stream of a popular film every 15 minutes, which then starts anew. Payments are made for using a video either as a Download ‑ to ‑ rent (DTR) - then the user receives a time-limited right of use - or as Pay ‑ per ‑ view (PPV) - then payment is made according to the individual request; there are also subscription contracts (Subscription video on demand, SvoD) as well as the purchase of a video (Download ‑ to ‑ own, DTO; sometimes too: Electronic sell through, EST), with which the user can archive a film over the long term.

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Electronic sell-through

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