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“There are no unemployed in New St. Louis. After school or by your 21st birthday at the latest, you must have passed your aptitude test for professional qualifications there. Anyone who messes up or ignores it is thrown out and has to leave the city. "
Sounds like a scene from a science fiction novel? It is. More precisely, it is a scene from "Metatropolis", an anthology of science fiction short stories that the writer John Scalzi has now published and about which you can read about today in the Spiegel. Stories about the future of the “megacities” are nothing new, but for the Spiegel author they have reached a new topicality: “The rapid technical developments in recent years from smartphones to social networks, from virtual reality to ebooks, leave a lot of typical science behind -fiction topics suddenly appear very contemporary. "

“You can't get in here” - this is the headline of the Sueddeutsche about “Quora”, the new Internet social media / knowledge portal. “Quora is a hybrid, it combines the properties of Wikipedia, Facebook and Google. It wants to be a social network that is not about your own vanity, but about knowledge. It wants to be an encyclopedia that shows your own interests and not those of other people. ”So far, so good. But not everyone is allowed to participate: Access to Quora is limited. According to the Sueddeutsche a fundamental violation of the principle of the Internet, because "exclusivity (is) on the Internet is always a pretense of false facts."

The latest example from Tunisia has shown the potential of social networks like Facebook. “The young Tunisians don't see a capitalist monster collapsing on their cultural identity on the Internet, but have found an instrument in it to tell the world what kind of tyrant they have been ruled by,” writes the Berlin cultural worker and radio presenter Noureddine Ben Redjeb in the Frankfurter Rundschau . The music also played a not insignificant role.

Incidentally, a not insignificant role is currently being discussed in Hollywood: The life of Julian Assange is to be filmed, but unfortunately we do not yet know by whom. There is also no producer yet, nor is there a director. But one would like to refer to a book: "The most dangerous man in the world" is the name of the biography that the Australian journalist Andrew Fowler wrote about Assange. The title could also have come from Hollywood.

In between, Kanye West cheats: He's already announcing his new album for the summer. "I’LL BE BACK IN SUMMER !!!!" he is said to have tweeted. Was he gone than ever, one wonders not only at the Guardian.

Let's make a trip out of the virtual world to the “real” city, more precisely to Detroit. “In Detroit, everyone lists to everything!” Tells Dirtbombs singer Mick Collins in the Guardian, explaining the garage band's idea of ​​covering lots of Detroit techno pieces. "It was kind of a shock when I first got to the other side of the Atlantic and found that rock people only listened to rock music. That's fucking weird! "Mick Collins, you're so right.

The Horrors singer Faris Badwan is also breaking new musical paths. He founded the duo Cat’s Eyes with the Canadian opera singer and organist Rachel Zeffira. Allegedly, the two have already performed in the Vatican. Pitchfork knows more.

James Blake is just as reluctant to be tied to one genre, even if he started out as a dubstep producer. Although, when he remembers his first work today, it doesn't necessarily sound like this to him: “I was trying to sound like some of the people I was listening to, like Mala and Coki. Now I listen to it back, it didn't sound like them. ”In an interview with the Guardian, James talks about his musical role models, including Bonnie“ Prince ”Billy, and about his debut album:“ When I made it I was thinking: 'Is that sound in the right place in the audio field? Those improvisational blips I left in, are they right? Is that space between the two lyrics in Lindesfarne too long? ‘I was never thinking; 'This is going to sound really good on the radio' ".
We know that Mister Blake, that's why we love to play you here at ByteFM!

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