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Tips and Tricks Pests in the apartment: how to get rid of annoying insects

Bed bugs are red-brown, hairy pests that - as the name suggests - are particularly comfortable in beds. They feed on blood that they can get through a sting. The saliva can cause skin irritation and itching.

Anyone who notices bed bug bites on the body and finds traces of blood on the bedclothes and black bug droppings on the bed frame or the area around the bed should consult a pest controller as soon as possible. The parasites cannot be fought permanently with home remedies or other personal initiatives, because even professionals usually need several uses until an apartment is really free from pests in the long term. One of the reasons for this is that a bed bug can survive for several months without food. So if you think that after a vacation all animals will have starved to death, you are wrong. Pest controllers can fight the insects chemically. To do this, furniture is dismantled, cracks are sealed with silicone and, presumably, the mattress is also replaced in order to offer the bed bugs as little retreat as possible. Unfortunately, a single treatment with pesticides is not enough. Two to four missions are necessary to really kill all animals and to have long-term rest. As an alternative, some pest controllers also offer thermal methods. Because bed bugs die at temperatures of more than 50 degrees, the infected area is wrapped in a kind of tent and heated to well over 50 degrees for several days.

If you want to make sure that you don't bring any bed bugs home with you from your vacation, you should follow a few tips both on site and when you return. Experts recommend storing your suitcase in the bathroom while on vacation. The room is far enough away from the bedroom so that bed bugs cannot crawl into luggage. Nightwear and underwear should only be put back in the suitcase in a well-sealable plastic bag after wearing them, so that any overlooked bugs cannot get into the rest of the clothes. Back at home, it is advisable to unpack the suitcase again in the bathtub. The animals cannot crawl up the smooth, steep tub wall. All items of clothing that were taken on vacation should be washed immediately at 60 degrees in order to safely kill any bugs or eggs they may contain. It is also possible to put laundry items in the freezer for a few days, because temperatures below minus 18 degrees also kill the animals.