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"You know he lost" : Advisors try to convince Trump of the inevitable

"I will never give up," said US President Trump on Friday and insisted that he still had a chance of winning against challenger Biden, despite a clear gap in important swing states. But as the "Washington Post" reports, citing two confidants of the US President, advisors have spoken with Trump over the past two days about an election defeat. Now it is there.

According to this, some confidants advise the president that if Biden should be crowned the winner, he should promise a peaceful transfer of power. However, probably without a concession speech, as a senior election campaign aide explained to the US newspaper. This has not yet been discussed. According to tradition, the loser calls the winner and congratulates him on the win. Then the winner declares himself publicly and so does the loser.

How to resign without admitting defeat?

Trump's confidants continue to believe that it is unlikely that Trump will admit defeat in the traditional form. Rather, Trump will continue to claim that the Democrats "stole" the election, as he has been doing for a few days on Twitter and in his public statements.

Trump admitted to advisers after election night that he had a tough fight ahead of him. But he believes that it is worth continuing to lead this. His confidants had tried to prepare him for the fact that he would have to prepare for defeat. Many of his confidants would consider this election outcome to be more and more likely.

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After the president's appearance on Thursday, in which he again questioned the legitimacy of the election results and, according to an analysis, lied 19 times, advisors advised him not to appear in public.

Trump spent the days after election night consulting with some of his closest confidants, including Vice President Mike Pence, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and his lawyer Rudolph Giuliani.

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His advisors have split into two groups, writes the Washington Post - a group that, like Trump, continues to hope for a victory and wants to fight for it; and a group of officials, some of them Republican, who believe Biden will win the US election.

"They know he lost, but no one seems willing to tell King Lear or the crazy King George that they lost the empire," the Washington Post quoted a Republican who the report said was a regular with the White House is in contact.

A confidante who spoke to the US president on Thursday said, according to the US newspaper, that Trump's children in particular are angry about a possible defeat. Donald Trump Jr. called on Twitter on Thursday for an "all-out war" to expose the election fraud. Twitter provided this tweet with a warning. Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump also attacked Republicans on Twitter because they believed they were not doing enough to defend their father.

Jim Acosta, CNN correspondent for the White House, writes on Twitter, citing a White House source, that Trump is starting to admit to his advisors that a win is no longer likely. Trump is beginning to become "more realistic". That wouldn't mean he'd give up, though.

According to the Washington Post, Trump followed the election updates on television on Friday and contacted allies and asked them to “fight and defend me”. Despite all the nervousness currently raging in the White House, the confidante do not believe, according to the report, that Trump will ultimately refuse to leave the official seat.

An ally called this scenario a "liberal fever dream". Rather, they are confident that Trump will vacate the White House - even if he will probably not admit defeat.

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