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Learn professional contract management (online course not only for lawyers)

When two parties are interacting in the business world all of their agreements contracts. Every relevant business relationship therefore sooner or later also leads to a contract.

A large corporation can have tens of thousands of contracts with third parties, such as suppliers or customers. Instead of just signing them and then forgetting them, the contracts of successful companies have to be actively managed. In this way, for example, negative surprises (such as automatic contract extensions) can be avoided. But also the negotiation and implementation of new contracts is part of this task.

Contract management or. Contract management is therefore an important management task for any successful organization.

An introductory online contract management course is now available at FutureLearn. The course is from Professor Douglas Macbeth (University of Southampton) and Tim Cummins (IACCM). We recently had the opportunity to interview Professor Macbeth about the details of the course.


"Contracts are too important to be left to lawyers alone"

Edukatico: Professor Macbeth, what is contract management and what why is it important?

Professor Macbeth: Contract management describes how individual actors up to large corporations Transactions with a counterparty can handle.

It deals with the positive aspects of being good Business relationship just as with possible problems and how both are compensated or balanced.

So it's a fundamental aspect any trade.


Edukatico: Contracts shouldn't be best Left to lawyers become?

Professor Macbeth: Contracts are to importantto be left to the lawyers alone.

A lot larger group of stakeholders must be in entire contract life cycle to be involved. This ranges from the determination of needs as well as the definition of the requirements and limits of agreements to the identification of competent and interested contracting parties to the conclusion of the contract, implementation, administration and improvement. Renewal, change or termination will be added later. And the lessons from the entire contract process must also be taken into account.

lawyers are important, but should do not determine the process.


Introduction to the online contract management course


"Many of the lessons can be applied immediately"

Edukatico: Your online course "Contract Management: Building Relationships in Business"on the FutureLearn platform explains the world of contracts. What are the main subjectsthat students can expect?

Professor Macbeth: It's a very comprehensive course that examines what's going on in this all-important business process go wrong or go well can.

Particularly noteworthy are the online discussions with experts about current developments. The materials are presented clearly and vividly, so that entire picture of contract management can be understood in the context of companies and organizations.


Edukatico: Who is most likely to benefit from your MOOC and why? Is there a specific participant profile for the course?

Professor Macbeth: Every actor must be aware of the rolethat he should play in the contract lifecycle. As well as the ways to save money by doing a good job.


Edukatico: How can the participants gain the knowledge acquired in this course Apply skills?

Professor Macbeth: Many of the lessons apply in all possible organizational situations and can therefore applied immediately become.

Interacting with other course participants from around the world reveals the similar problems that all organizations face. It also becomes clear that we can learn from the experiences of others.


Edukatico: Thank you for this overview and good luck with your MOOC!


The contract management course starts on November 6, 2017 on the FutureLearn platform and is free to learn. He was from the University of Southampton Business School and the world's leading association in this field, the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM), created. An optional certificate is also available for a fee.

The MOOC (massive open online course) combines the academic point of view with practical examples from business. Previous courses have already been run by Thousands of learners visited from all over the world.


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