What steroids are bodybuilders using nowadays

Anabolic steroids - a growing problem in popular sports

The misuse of anabolic steroids primarily affects strength and speed strength sports as well as cosmetic purposes. For the majority of people, the intake is certainly not necessary, as the athletic performance can be achieved through adequate nutrition and a suitable training program in the same way. In addition, one should not overestimate the properties of these substances in terms of improving performance and stature. In any case, this is only of minor importance in the leisure sector. Many of the side effects described are reversible, although special attention should be paid to the effects on the cardiovascular system and liver toxicity, as more severe consequences are to be expected here.

Pharmacological knowledge about these substances is mostly based on subjective experience. Often only the occurrence of side effects is considered to be the onset of the anabolic effect. There is a need for clarification about the potential dangers here. Due to the easy access to these substances, the anabolic problem has reached a broad basis, especially since such pharmaceuticals are available on the black market and the abuse can hardly be controlled. Based on the literature published so far, including some very dramatic descriptions of individual cases, adolescents should be made aware of the health risk.


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