Can I convert to Judaism in Turkey?

Faith Practice

In Judaism

Entry and exit

Judaism is not a missionary religion. Some religious representatives are skeptical or even negative about those who want to convert and can point out that non-Jews only demand compliance with the seven Noachidic commandments, but not a formal conversion. In principle, however, non-Jews can convert to Judaism (Gijur).

The conversion is usually a process that takes several years, is characterized by intensive studies and is accompanied by a rabbi. At the express request of the person willing to transfer and on the recommendation of the rabbi, an examination is then taken before a rabbinical court consisting of at least three scholarsMikva (ritual immersion bath). In men there is one beforeBrit Mila (Circumcision) required.

Men and women are given a Hebrew name when they convert. While non-Orthodox movements recognize each other's conversions, only those who convert before a recognized Orthodox rabbinical court are considered Jewish.

Members of a Jewish community can have theirs exit from the municipality in the responsible municipal authority. Although one can legally withdraw from a Jewish community, from an inner-Jewish perspective, it is not possible to withdraw from the Jewish community.