Are Hispanics viewed as a minority

The dominance of whites in America is about to end

Makdes Hailu still remembers the moment when she felt like a stranger in Bethesda-Chevy Chase (B-CC) high school on the outskirts of Washington. The black student had just got one of the coveted places on the academic team. And then she happened to hear derogatory remarks from a schoolmate who said that she only got the place because she was black.

"At that moment I felt so hurt," says Makdes in a video made by students, which addresses the problem of minorities such as blacks and Hispanics at the predominantly white school. "For the rest of the year, I felt like everyone would just see me as the girl who made the team because she was black and not because of her achievements."

Maryland B-CC High School is considered a diverse and tolerant school. And yet the video project supported by the school management revealed that many minority students feel discriminated against here too. The film, entitled “I am B-CC too,” promotes understanding for the perspective of others, for black or Hispanic students who feel they do not fit into the majority white culture of the school.

For Maryland it is of fundamental importance that the prosperous coexistence of the various ethnic groups is discussed and practiced at an early stage: The state on the east coast, together with Nevada, will become that group of states (California, Hawaii, New Mexico and Texas), where whites are in the minority.

The baby boomers have made us a more tolerant country
Karlyn Bowman, American Enterprise Institute

Because America is currently in a rapid demographic upheaval process. "The level of racial-ethnic transformation in the United States is astounding," write the authors of a new study on the subject. “In 1980, the US population was 80 percent white. Today this share has dropped to 63 percent, and according to projections it will fall to less than 44 percent in 2060. ”What the study“ States of Change ”describes is the departure from white America. 250 years after the start of the rebellion against British rule, the Americans are once again embarking on an uncertain future.

"It's like a natural experiment," says Karlyn Bowman, who worked for the conservative American Enterprise Institute on the report that was produced in collaboration with the left-wing think tank Brookings and the left-wing Center for American Progress. Because of this transformation, America is going through a period of democratic turmoil, says Bowman. But ultimately she is confident about the future of the country. After all, you have already mastered completely different problems.