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The 15 hottest, iconic, and disturbing photos of Donald Trump in 2017

Donald Trump is probably the most photogenic president the world has ever seen. The cameras love him, love every single one of his many pounds of concentrated power and sensuality. And so press photographers all over the world have captured each of his movements and impulses for eternity. Apart from his trips to the golf course, of course. As for that, Trump is a bit sensitive. Here are the greatest photos of 2017 from the current "leader of the free world".

Photo: Pete Marovich | Pool | Getty Images

Look at it, the signature heart rhythm disorder of a nation. Does Trump really hate his predecessor so much that he has erased every curve from his handwriting so as not to suggest even the slightest resemblance? With Trump's name (at least D - o - a - d and p are not very sharp-edged) in any case a mature achievement and a sign of the greatest sovereignty. Also in the picture is the short-term security advisor and passionate frequent and long-distance phone user Mike Flynn, who peers sullenly over from the left edge of the picture. Trump's world was still in order then.

Photo: Ronen Zvulun | AFP | Getty Images

LOL, of course not the one about Mexico. It felt like 80 years ago - in the 2016 US election campaign - Donald Trump posted a photo of his rival with a Star of David. It read: "The most corrupt candidate of all time!" Because many people found this somehow anti-Semitic, Trump quickly posted a new version. Since then, Trump has not said or done anything that could hurt Jews or encourage anti-Semites. No, absolutely not. In any case, here you can see him paying respect to the Jewish faith in Israel. Also, the Trump administration recently moved the US embassy to Jerusalem, despite all advice. Now everything is fine again.

Photo: Bandar Algaloud | Saudi Royal Council | Handout | Anadolu Agency | Getty Images

At the time, of course, we reported in great detail about this memorable and questionable moment. But just look how naturally Trump takes the world, how sovereign he looks - as if he wouldn't do anything else all day long. Such a picture would have been unthinkable with Obama. He would have been afraid of the power of the flare. Perhaps America is not so badly positioned with a president who knows the darkest magic.

4. Sexiest Men Alive 2018 (possibly) meets Holiest Men Alive 2013 - ???

Photo: Evan Vucci | AFP | Getty Images

OK, at least one of them seems to be having fun here - and it's not the Pope. But at least two in this photo don't give a shit what the other thinks of him. Three want to get this performance over with as quickly as possible and all four are obviously posing for the wax museum of horror. Good Times. Good Times.

5. The greatest speaker in the US!

Photo: Scott Olson | Getty Images

Wow what an expression on your face! Presidential? Obviously. Majestic at all? If you ask him, guaranteed. Does it look like something that will be carved in mountains and printed on banknotes in the future? Apparently already in 2017 ...

6. The hand holder (1)

Photo: Christopher Furlong | Getty Images

We have already pointed out several times that President Trump has a ... shall we say idiosyncratic relationship with the hands of other people. In this particular case with British Prime Minister Theresa May, however, he is said to have held her hand because he allegedly suffers from bathmophobia - the fear of lying on his face. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's true. But even so, the two make a pretty couple.

7. The truck! Wrumm wrumm!

Photo: Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

Trucks are awesome. Trump is awesome. Trump in the truck is cool to the power of two - Mööööp!

Photo: Jim Watson | AFP | Getty Images

Donald Trump's real hair is definitely blowing in the wind here. As majestic as a long-haired pig in front of the hairdryer.

Photo: Saul Loeb | AFP | Getty Images

Here you see a president who is constantly breathing the air of victory. No, he doesn't look like a giant baby at all - by no means.

10. A Trump can't say anything about the sun either!

Photo: Mark Wilson | Getty Images

Scientific studies have shown that if you don't look into the solar eclipse without safety glasses, you are a pathetic loser. This photo is just further proof that Trump is the manliest and best president of all time.

11. The hand holder (2) - This time with the only man who really understands him

Photo: Manan Vatsyayana | AFP | Getty Images

No, being president is not easy. But what really matters in the end are the new friends you make during your tenure. Even if the Philippine President Duterte continues his war on drugs harshly, they both had a real bonding moment in their mutual loathing for Barack Obama. Here you can see them in diplomatic negotiations.

12. Trump may not be so happy after reviewing 2017 - just like you!

Photo: Win McNamee | Getty Images

Ongoing investigations against various people from within our own ranks, constant staff changes and, apart from the tax reform, barely any legislative activity. 2017 may not end up going quite as Trump had hoped. Governing is not a pony farm. Like the US President in this photo, most of us fared all year. Bonus points for #relatability.

13. Another photo of Donald Trump that represents your thoughts on 2017!

Photo: Chip Smodevilla | Getty Images

Pure emotions !!!

Photo: Olivier Douliery | AFP | Getty Images

I'll never look as presidential as Trump in his manly man hat for real American men. Sad.

15. See you in 2018, haters!

Photo: Olivier Douliery | AFP | Getty Images

Trump is running out of the baseball bat scene right now The Untouchables through the head? Wild speculations welcome! Anyway, Mr. President, do what you must and put me out of my suffering.

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