Which companies are worth investing in?

Sectors of the future - an investment in these sectors is worthwhile

In the next few years, industries of the future such as autonomous driving including electromobility, artificial intelligence, blockchain, Industry 4.0 and the fight against diseases using biotechnology and genetic engineering will move the markets.

This is a very exciting time for investors, as these future industries offer enormous opportunities. For investors, of course, the question arises as to which sectors or companies could an investment be particularly worthwhile?

Autonomous driving - the industry of the future par excellence

It's no secret that the automotive industry is facing a fundamental change. Gasoline and diesel vehicles are likely to disappear from the road in the next few decades.

At the end of 2016, the number of electric cars on the world's roads exceeded the 2 million mark, and in 2025 more than 10 million electric and hybrid cars will be sold per year in China alone, estimates the University of Duisburg-Essen and its CAR- Center.

As pioneers in autonomous driving, two companies in particular have come to the fore in recent years: Google and Tesla. With its Waymo subsidiary, Google has unwound the most test kilometers in the field of autonomous driving, and Tesla is considered a pioneer in the field of electromobility. Wall Street observers believe that the two companies could benefit most from the boom in this future industry in the next few years.

Artificial intelligence - nVidia in pole position

In order for a car to be able to drive autonomously on the road in the future, not only are the corresponding sensors necessary, machine learning processes and artificial intelligence (AI) are also very important.

The car has to learn independently in order to master complex situations in road traffic (inner city etc.). The US graphics chip manufacturer nVidia, whose Drive PX platform for autonomous driving is already in use by more than 50 car manufacturers, has stood out particularly strongly in recent years.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is not only required in the automotive industry, AI is also becoming increasingly popular in data centers. The development of the new Tesla V100 chip for the data center cost a full US $ 3.0 billion, according to nVidia boss Jensen Huang. Result for the investors: The nVidia share rises, investors can look forward to a price increase of almost 1,000% in 5 years.

Industry 4.0 and robotics of the future - Germany is getting involved

With the increasing degree of automation, more and more robots are finding their way into factories. In the USA alone, more than 260,000 robots are already doing their job in factories (source: Robotic Industries Association (RIA)), and this number is likely to continue to increase rapidly in the next few years.

The German robot manufacturer Kuka AG, which is majority-owned by the Chinese, and the German Isra Vision AG, a leading provider of automation solutions, could benefit from this trend.

If you believe the predictions of International Data Corp (IDC), global investments in robots and related services will exceed the $ 135 billion mark in 2019. For comparison: In 2015, the expenditures for this future industry were "only" 71 billion dollars. The ideal prerequisite for the German mechanical engineering industry to continue growing.

Health is the long runner among the guild branches

Society is getting older and health is becoming more and more important for many people in old age. One company that is heavily involved in this area is the New York biotech company Regeneron.

Its top product, Eylea, helps treat age-related molecular degeneration (AMD), an age-related eye disease that can also lead to blindness.

In addition, Regeneron is developing a whole range of other drugs and antibodies, which should also generate billions in sales in the future. Investors rewarded Regeneron's excellent research with a price increase of 315% in 5 years.

Conclusion: Shares in future industries create price fantasy in the portfolio

Companies that are active in future industries show again and again what extraordinary returns are possible for the investor. Nevertheless, investors should also note that companies that invest in industries of the future often take a high risk, because not all ideas and concepts work straight away - setbacks are the order of the day.

Nevertheless, sectors of the future offer good opportunities, especially for risk-conscious investors, to benefit from trending topics and generate above-average returns. This is where the persistence of long-term investors often pays off.

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