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DSL connection with technician appointment

For 1 & 1 DSL customers - does not apply to alternative access technologies (e.g. fiber optics)

With these tips you are well prepared for your switching day.

You can usually set up your DSL connection yourself. Sometimes a technical intervention is necessary for this. Then we will commission a service technician for you and inform you of this in writing. This connects your house connection to the Internet and checks whether the signal is distributed via the telephone sockets.

Appointment and connection address

You can find out when the technician is likely to arrive by email. You will also see the connection address there. If this is not correct, call us directly at 0721 960 96 00 (Free of charge from the 1 & 1 network, landline and mobile phone prices from other providers may vary). You can postpone the technician's appointment for DSL connection online.

Even with an agreed technician appointment, it is possible that your connection will be switched without a visit. Whether a technician has to come or not is only known on the day of the switching.

  • If you have ordered a 1 & 1 DSL router, you will receive it one week before the switching day together with a helpful one Quick start guide.
  • Close your DSL router on the switching day by 8:00 a.m. at the latest at.
  • Make the telephone sockets in your apartment and the house connection freely accessible. If necessary, ask your caretaker for help. The house connection can be in the basement, on the house wall or in the basement of a neighboring house, for example.
    Examples for the house connection
  • Let us know in the 1 & 1 Control Center Customer data> Personal data Your mobile number with. We can reach you by phone on the day of the activation.

    If your 1 & 1 connection is connected via an alternative access technology (e.g. using fiber optics), enter your phone number correctly when ordering. It cannot be changed afterwards.

  • On the switching day are You or a trusted person of legal age present.
  • Bring that Doorbell sticker that you received from 1 & 1. This makes it easier for the technician to find you - especially if you live in an apartment building or if the name of the contract holder is not on your doorbell.

  • If you missed the appointment and the technician has not been given access:
    We will contact you by phone and arrange a new appointment. We have to invoice you for the technician's journey for the missed and the new appointment.
  • If the technician has not been given access:
    In this case we have to invoice you for the technician's journey. This also applies to the newly agreed appointment.
  • If there is no telephone socket in your apartment or it is defective:
    The service technician cannot replace or repair them. Please hire a telecommunications technician for this.
  • If your connection cannot be switched for any other reason:
    You don't have to do anything, we will contact you by phone.
  • This is how you can tell whether your connection has been switched:
    When the LED Power / DSL lights up continuously on your 1 & 1 DSL router, you are online. After your connection appointment, it can take up to an hour for the connection to work.

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