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Denny Zager (Born February 14, 1944 in Wymore, Nebraska) is an American guitarist.

Zager was the founder of the band Eccentrics in 1961, where he played with Rick Evans, among others, until the band split up in 1965. In 1968, Zager and Evans met again and took the title In the year 2525 which they wrote together in 1964. The song became the biggest and only hit for Zager and Evans in 1969.

Subsequently, Zager became a guitar manufacturer and his company founded in 1969 Zager guitars is now considered one of the most prominent guitar manufacturers in the USA. His guitars, developed over years of work, deviated from the standard of the time and are said to be characterized primarily by easier playability. In addition, he worked as a guitar teacher for many years.[1]

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