What is pastrami


Pastrami is one of the most popular sandwich toppings in the United States. We'll tell you where it actually comes from, how pastrami is made and what is served with it. We also have two delicious pastrami recipes for you.

Pastrami: American snack of Romanian origin

Pastrami is a popular meat specialty from the USA. Originally, however, it probably comes from Romania and came to the United States with Jewish immigrants in the second half of the 19th century. It is still not clear who exactly was the inventor of pastrami. It is quite certain, however, that the term pastrami comes from the Romanian pastrama or pastra, which translates as canning or preserving.

Pastrami: particularly durable beef

Pastrami is usually made from the breast or shoulder of beef. The meat passes through several stations. First, pastrami is cured with a marinade made from salt and various spices. Then you coat it with peppercorns and smoke it over wood shavings for two to twelve hours. Finally, the meat is also cooked. This process takes another one to three hours and makes the pastrami nice and fibrous. In the past, this complex production was used for the necessary conservation. Now that there are sufficient cooling options available, this is no longer necessary. The characteristic and popular taste of pastrami still requires this process.

Pastrami: popular sandwich topping

In America, pastrami is usually sliced ​​on sandwiches. As a rule, the bread is very generously filled with the meat. There are two different variants. The American-style pastrami has a relatively mild taste. A New York Style Pastrami, on the other hand, is much spicier. This variety is usually served on rye bread. A cole-slaw (a kind of American coleslaw) and Russian dressing (spicy tomato-based dressing) are served with it. Pastrami is often accompanied by mustard or mayonnaise on the bread slices. Sometimes you can also discover pastrami as an encore on burgers and even on pizzas.

Recipe: cottage cheese with pastrami

Taste spicy pastrami with cottage cheese and fresh basil on delicious corn bread.

Cottage cheese with pastrami

Recipe: sandwich with green tomato relish and pastrami

Tasty combination: Exotically seasoned green tomatoes with delicate slices of pastrami between soft sandwich bread.

Sandwich with green tomato relish and pastrami