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Lenovo Tab P11 Tablet Review - From 250 euros: The cheapest 11-inch tablet is also an all-rounder

Lenovo wraps the 11-inch Tab 11 in a 7.5 millimeter flat aluminum case, which is easy to hold thanks to its comparatively low weight of 490 grams. Around a third of the back cover is covered with a rubberized layer over the entire length, which gives the fingers additional grip. The coating is easy to feel, but doesn't make the tablet thicker.

The IPS display is framed by an approximately 8 millimeter narrow frame, which is therefore noticeably thinner than the previous Tab P10. On the other hand, because the frame is not too thin, it makes it easier to use because you can still hold the tablet without accidentally touching the screen. Thanks to its narrow frame, the Tab P11 has a good display-to-housing ratio of 85%.

If you want to, you can twist the well-made, discreet gray chassis without much effort, which the back cover then acknowledges with slight protest noises. The Tab P11 endured this rather unrealistic load in the test without complaint and was not damaged in any way. In addition, thanks to its IP52 certification, it proves to be tougher than you might have expected it to be due to its slim appearance. IP52 means that the tablet is dust-proof and offers protection against dripping water.

The four loudspeakers with Dolby Atmos support are divided into pairs of two on the two short sides. Also noticeable: the Pogo-PIN connection with 4 contact points, to which the optional keyboard can be docked, is located on the bottom side.