What happens when a neck is cut

Ex-girlfriend's throat cut: 20 years imprisonment

A 29-year-old was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment in the Vienna Regional Court. The judgment is not final.

Because he fatally injured his ex-girlfriend with a deep knife cut in the throat during the last debate, a 29-year-old man was found guilty of murder at the Vienna Regional Court on Wednesday afternoon. Stefan C. was sentenced to 20 years in prison. The judgment is not final.

After one and a half hours of deliberation, the jury unanimously decided 8-0 in favor of murder. The defendant heard the verdict with slumped shoulders. The previous ordinary way of life and the confession were assessed as mitigating, as well as that the 29-year-old had turned himself in to the police. The particularly brutal, cruel and insidious act in which the victim "had no chance at all to defend himself", said the presiding judge Sonja Weis, made things even more difficult.

Defense attorney Rudolf Mayer asked for three days to think about it, the public prosecutor made no explanation. Thus, the judge's verdict is not final.

On-off relationship over several months

For several months, the defendant had an on-off relationship with his great love, until the 26-year-old finally broke up on July 24, 2013 in the former shared apartment in Hernals. "I couldn't live without her," said the defendant, a Romanian who had lived in Austria since 2006. When Oana P. said that she no longer wanted the relationship, "I saw black". Stefan C. went into the kitchen and got a knife. His ex-girlfriend was sitting on the couch with her back to him. "I came from behind, held her chin with my hand and cut from right to left with the knife," said the 29-year-old to judge Sonja Weis. "He pulled through with the knife," said the public prosecutor, describing the violence in her opening speech.

According to the coroner, the cut was so deep that the trachea and neck veins were severed and a notch was even visible on the cervical spine during the autopsy. According to the expert, the cut "had to be resolved, swift and swift". The accused must have cut very deeply and acted with a certain use of force. Death occurred in less than a minute, the coroner said.

"I didn't want to kill her," said the defendant. "But you cut her throat and so massive that you almost cut off her skull," said Judge Weis. "You don't survive something like that." "I suffered so much and was so hurt," said the accused.

Then he took the lifeless woman and laid her on the bed: "She died in my arms. And then I wanted to die too." With the knife he made deep cuts on his left forearm and lay down with the 26-year-old. After a while he decided to get help and walked barefoot and wearing boxer shorts to the nearest police station. There he collapsed. He drew a trail of blood so long that the officers were able to quickly locate the crime scene.

"My brother wanted to marry her"

"My brother had serious intentions with Oana, he wanted to marry her and have children with her," said the half-brother as a witness in court. The 29-year-old had met the young woman through a former girlfriend, and the two quickly moved in together. "In the beginning everything was ok, it was love," said the accused. But the quarrels became more and more frequent, Oana P. is said to have been annoyed with the defendant's roommate, Stefan C. did not want his girlfriend to work as a waitress in a discotheque. "Every man who loves his girlfriend is jealous."

On the day of the day, Stefan C. initially went to work. He asked his boss to apologize for being sick because he vomited in the toilet. When he got home, he contacted his ex-girlfriend so that she could accompany him to the doctor. The two no longer went to the doctor, instead they had a fatal debate.