What do you think about Africa

Quiz: Africa

Quiz: Africa

January 6th is World Africa Day! What do you know about the continent? For example, what is the name of the longest river and which is the largest lake in Africa? Test your knowledge in the big knowledge test!

What is the name of the longest river in Africa?

And which is the highest mountain in Africa?

How much bigger than Europe is Africa?

Which of these animals is there only living in freedom in Africa?

And what is the name of the largest lake in Africa?

What is the southernmost point of Africa called?

In which African country did the soccer World Cup take place in 2010?

How many people live in Africa?

What is the name of the largest city in Africa?

How many different languages ​​are spoken in Africa?

In Germany, all children of primary school age go to school. What percentage of children go to school in southern Africa?

In Germany there are around 15 students for every teacher. How many students per teacher are there in sub-Saharan Africa?

And how many school-age children do you think are unable to attend school in Niger?

Guess how much money it costs to fully equip a school in Malawi, for example?

How many children in southern Africa have been orphaned by AIDS so far (as of 2015)?

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