Can diabetics eat fruit salad

Can you eat too much fruit?

Those who eat a lot of fruit have a healthy diet and provide their body with valuable vitamins, minerals, fiber and secondary plant substances. The unpleasant side effects of excessive consumption of fruits can include a laxative effect.

Too much fruit is generally only dangerous for healthy people if they have an otherwise unbalanced diet. For example, if you hardly consume any other foods besides low-calorie fruits as part of a radical diet, you risk an undersupply of vital nutrients such as fat, proteins and some B vitamins. These substances are not contained in apples and co. In sufficient quantities or not at all, but are urgently needed for a healthy metabolism.

Fruit is therefore very healthy when consumed in the right amount. The recommended two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables of the "five a day" rule should therefore not be understood as a maximum, but rather as a minimum amount.

The fear that the high sugar content of fruit can have a negative effect on body weight is rather inappropriate - even if it is fundamentally not unfounded. In principle, it does not matter which foods we use to ingest energy: if we consume fewer calories than we consume, weight gain will result. If consumed in excess, fruit can also provide too much energy. However, due to the low average calorie density, it is rather unlikely that excess pounds are mainly due to the consumption of too much fruit.

If there is an unreserved recommendation to consume fruit, there are of course exceptions, for example for people who suffer from an intolerance to fructose. Too much fruit is actually dangerous for them. Diabetics should also be particularly careful when consuming fruit and keeping an eye on the respective sugar content. Because the glucose contained in the fruit goes quickly into the blood, it is advisable to check the blood sugar level after consumption. Dried fruits should be consumed with caution by people with diabetes, because due to their reduced volume, dried fruits contain concentrated sugar. It is best to integrate fruit - whether fresh or dried - in your mixed plate meal. This not only absorbs the sugar in the fruit, but also proteins and fat as well as other substances that can slow down the rise in blood sugar levels.