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Welcome to the health club

2 ●

With this important step in the Linus Pauling

To join University Health Club,

you now have a healthy, long one

Life, coupled with visible success.


The Linus Pauling University Health Club supports

You responsibly and with full

Energy so that it will be yours in a short time

will be possible in your own health

to take the hand.

Many people make it very easy for themselves

true to the motto: For my health is

my doctor othe Pharmacist responsible!

The consequences of this are for everyone

visible and noticeable:

● more and more sick people

● constantly increasing medical costs

● rising recipe costs

● obesity the People takes

threatening proportions

● etc.

Your club benefits:

the Linus Pauling University Health Club

is not a producer, sonthen only RECOMMEND

LER and looks for the best manufacturers for you

at a reasonable price.

● Conscientious review everthe Production batch

in independent laboratories.

● You not only receive well-founded information,

which make a healthy life easier for you,

sonthen also the possibility

an effective cell nutrition, which in the

Body really makes a difference.

Statements from experts

Linus Pauling was one the most outstanding

scientific thinkers of this centurythets

and opponents of nuclear weapons. He received the

Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his research

about the molecular structure the Proteins and

1962 the Nobel Prize for Peace and for

its efforts to end nuclear tests.

Pauling came from a German immigranttheer family,

he was born on February 28, 1901

as the son of a German pharmacist in the US

State of Oregon born. Already at the age of 16

he took his studies in the USA the Mathematics,

Physics and chemistry on and continued it

later continued in Europe.

He taught in Pasadena at the California Institute

of Technology and an the Stanford University.

In 1973 he founded his own Linus Pauling Institute

for science and medicine in

Palo Alto, California. He caused a stir

with his theories on the orthomolecular

Nutritional supplement.

Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling


Medicine is conservation

good health

and the treatment

of diseases

by changetheung

the concentration

of substances

in human

Body that normally

present in the body

and for health



(Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling)

Invest in now

Your Health,

instead of later in your

Illness !

When do you think about your own

Health after?

Even if you are sick - then

but intense, true to the motto

A healthythe Man has 1000 wishes

- a sick person, on the other hand, only one


It would be so easy to use the “capital” health

secure. Just like your money

"Secured" with a bank - you should as well

Ensure your health. Of course you have to

know what makes the “capital” health

endangered is. Simply put - in the first place

Line through disease!

Did you know that about 80% of our diseases

due to the lack of high quality cell nutrients


Are you curious about how your cell nutrients work?

"Capital" - secure health in the long term?

Then please read on carefully.

When a plant only has a single nutrient

if it is absent, it cannot thrive properly.

It is the same with your body!

Constant undersupply of essentials

Cell nutrients inevitably lead to too

Diseases. Not only heart attack,

Cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, sonthen too

Allergies, visual disturbances, flu, cellulite,

Listlessness, etc. also as diseases

count are.

Sometimes diseases are even overlooked

Othe even passed over - and then become

usually only treats the symptoms - one

fatal error.

Water -

The elixir of life

In our our ours

mothenen mothenen mothea company



is is thethethe Thought Thought Thought Widespread, Widespread, Widespread, Widespread,

that that that tea, tea, tea, coffee, coffee, coffee,

Alcohol alcohol alcohol and and and industrially industrially manufactured



Drinks Drinks Drinks one one more desirable

more desirable

more desirable

Substitute Substitute Substitute for that is that the natural natural water is water, the one is the one

daily daily daily stressed stressed stressed body body body needs. needs. needs. This This This is is a a a

elementary elementary elementary and and and

catastrophic catastrophic catastrophic error! Mistake! Mistake!


contain drinks

like tea,

Coffee, alcohol and

industrialasked beverages

also water, but they contain

also dehydrating components. You lead

not just the water in which it is dissolved

are, sonthen also water from the

Reserves of the body! The mothene lifestyle

makes people of all kinds industrial

beverages made. Kinthe

are not raised to drink water

they become addicted to sodas and

Juices. It is basically not possible that

Water that the Body needs, through pre-made

To replace drinks.

Two to three liters of water spread over the whole

Day to drink are an absolute necessity,

so that we can use the supplied vital substances

also the chance of the mechanism of action

give. The "dry mouth" really is

final signal of dehydration of the body.

People seem to have lost their sense of thirst

to have and can no longer run out of water

perceive. Therefore they dry with increasing

Age gradually more and more

out. Just like nature always does the Cause investigates

- you have to do the same with physical ones

Limitations and illnesses always the

Investigate the cause. Symptom treatment can

never bring the causal healing success.

(An illustrative example: do you think

Your body has a headache,

because it gave him aspirin

is missing?)

● 3

Orthomolecular Medicine

4 ●

The meaning the orthomolecular medicine lies

in the Disease prevention and the Disease elimination

by eliminating the cause.


Deficiency in natural vitamin C.

The popular belief is that only colds are

caused by a vitamin C deficiency.

The truth is that already bleeding gums,

poor detoxification, arterial deposits,

Cellulite, hormonal imbalances and another 15,000

various metabolic processes vitamin C.

are dependent. Have scientific studies

clearly proven that a daily undersupply

(less than 3g) of this vitamin for heart attacks

and stroke.

Vitamin C is only one of over 200 vital ones

Cell nutrients that are our "capital" -

optimal health - secure permanently.

We, from the Linus Pauling University Health Club, clarify

You honestly and comprehensively.

Tested L.P.U. - Inform the health advisor on site

and would be happy to advise you personally about

the vitamin and nutrient complexes and theen effects

on your health.

What happens when your organism is over

a longer period of time these vital

Are cell nutrients missing?

This undersupply of cell nutrients leads to massive

Cell damage and this howthein order to restrictions

the Quality of life due to


The path of suffering begins.

The state repair system begins.

● Self-medication (the Attempt through over-the-counter

Pharmaceutical products treat the disease itself

to manage)

● The first visits to the doctor (sitting in the waiting room

Often for hours, but with many


● taking medication (the mostly deceptive

Attempt at a cure)

● Hospitalization (because not infrequently

drugs have their consequences). The

Symptom Treatment Circuit

takes its preprogrammed


Have you been from your doctor orthe Pharmacist honest and

sufficiently informed about the cause of your "illness"


All drugs have side effects - the

one more that attheen less. But for that

There are side effects liketheto be enough

Medication. A deadly cycle begins.

Did you know medication and theen side effects

the fifth leading cause of death


So take your health yourself from now on

In the hand!

First, you have as Gesunthe no unwanted

Side effects, and secondly, there is a cost

to maintain health far less than

to finance possible illnesses later.

Why is this cell nutrient deficiency

given despite abundance in supermarkets today?

1. Because our daily food, the way it is prepared

as well as our eating habits no longer us

sufficient with the vital cell nutrients


2. Because today's requirementstheungen and the life situation

us humans many times over

Demand cell nutrients.

Keep growingthe


caused by occupational

and private

Stress, strain in the


Rapidly sinking food

quality through

depleted soils,

chemical contamination ...

earlier today

This shortage

in cell nutrients

is to be compensated!

The solution is simple and is called:

Compensate for what is missing, because all these deficiency situations

are recoverable so that you are permanently healthy

stay and a future with an optimal quality of life

look forward


Of course, one more question arises:

How much is this personal responsibility to you

as well as the permanent healththeattitude

Really worth your body?

Discuss this and your personal

As needed with the L.P.U. health advisor


Othe You immediately take the first step in

You the Memberfill in the application completely, separate it

and to the

Linus Pauling University Health Club

122 High Road

London NW6 4HY



An investment that pays off immediately!

You will receive after receipt of your membership fee

extensive documentation on the topic

"Healthy and fit through life"


For ONLY € 48, - / CHF 72, - annual fee for the 1st

Member year (not identical to the calendartheyear)

you will receive a lot of information and assistance:

Additional advantages:

● Energy field measurement using special micro test devices

● Health information

● Advice

● Hotline

● Scientific Advisory Board

● and much more

From the 2nd year of membership you save 50% and the

Annual fee is reduced to € 24.00 / CHF 36.00.

“For my health

I am responsible myself

- and become accordingly


Fruit and vegetables - yesterday and today

Minerals and vitamins

Salary in milligrams

Per 100 grams of food 1985 1996 difference

Broccoli Calcium 103 33 minus 68%

Folic acid 47 23 minus 51%

Magnesium 24 18 minus 25%

Beans calcium 56 34 minus 39%

Folic acid 39 34 minus 13%

Magnesium 26 22 minus 15%

Vitamin B6 140 55 minus 61%

Potato Calcium 14 4 minus 71%

Magnesium 27 18 minus 33%

Carrots Calcium 37 31 minus 16%

Magnesium 21 9 minus 57%

Spinach Magnesium 62 19 minus 69%

Vitamin B6 200 82 minus 59%

Vitamin C 51 21 minus 59%

Banana Calcium 8 7 minus 13%

Folic acid 23 3 minus 87%

Magnesium 31 27 minus 13%

Vitamin B6 330 22 minus 93%

Strawberry Calcium 21 18 minus 14%

Vitamin C 60 13 minus 78%

● 5

Give your body lasting health

6 ●

“Health is not everything, but without it

Health is everythingthee nothing! "

The health subscription as basic care:

individual, inexpensive and convenient, because

this high quality cell nutrition is monthly

delivered by post. Payment is made on

simplest way, namely by direct debit.

Membersthe of Linus Pauling University Health

Club receive this specifically based on age and

Gender matched health package

out the Recommendation product list. Get this

You when you have your completed Memberrequest

to Linus Pauling University Health

Submit club. You will also receive the password,

to go to the health shop at

to visit.

Your health should give you the best

Be worth cell nutrition - month after month

Year after year as long as you live healthy


The health care package was created

so that "apparently" healthy (stand

not under medical treatment and take

no medication) remain healthy

stay. Sick people who are already diverse

have health restrictions,

require significantly more cell nutrients,

to the "depots" likethe to fill up. There

it can easily happen that one

of some cell nutrients twice as much

Amount and more needed. Likewise, it gives up

the Recommendation list also on Sun.thedemand products,

which are subject to certain restrictions

especiallythes have proven to be good. ask you

the L.P.U. hotline or similarthe Your personal

L.P.U. Health Advisor. Also the visit

of lectures is a good chance to get around

to get the best possible information.


● regular home delivery

● specially tailored to age and gender


● up to 37% discount compared to

correspondthe Single product order

● Product safety


Your body needs

● The right nutrients 24 hours a day

● 24 hours the necessary protection,

because you too forthen

● 24 hour performance from your body

Hence, regular cell nutrition is that

most important basic requirement for a

healthy and long life.


Give your body a chance the Regeneration.

Neither are they within one

Month sick, sonthen this creeping

Undersupply of nutrients only has an effect

Years from. It is exactly the same with “getting well”.

You also need time for this!


To create new ones

Skin cells needed the

Organism usually 60

Days, at least for the formation of new blood cells

90 days for regeneration the entire cell structure

under the most favorable conditions

at least 7 years ...

● 7

The vitamin as a functional insert

8 ●

The threatening prospect of a heart attack

Othe Getting cancer might well

largely unknown today. No later than

in the next generations this may

so-called "scourges the Humanity "so

as well as being unknown if the long-established ones

Research results into practice


Since this research is not in the

large, pharmacy-dominated medical

Magazines appeared, sonthen only in

smaller, insignificanttheen, hardly anyone has it

read. They are not part of it either

the medical training

the universities. This is no coincidence, sonthen

rather the result of careful planning

and implementation by transnational pharmaceutical companies.

Why is that?

Big business versus sincere research

Cardiovascular disease and cancer as well

theThe basis is persistence

one the most successful business models

on this actually beautiful planet.

Be alone with antihypertensive agents

in a single country in a single

Day made 50 to 75 million euros in sales


The elimination of these major widespread diseases

would bring the neverthegear the Pharmaceutical companies

with himself. Of course they know that too -

therefore they work hard on the Maintenance

of disease through oppression

the scientific knowledge that

would lead to the elimination of diseases.

An essential part of this "work" is

an international project under the wing

the World Health Organization (WHO) and

the Food and Agriculture Organization

the United Nations (FAO) ** with the

little meaningful name Codex Alimentarius

(Latin for nutritional rules).

With fewer health problems

people probably head too

more free for perception

and attacking societal

and more political


That may not be desirable either.

Secret knowledge

"Vitamins", "Minerals"

What are those results mentioned the scientific

Research that leads to it

that could cardiovascular diseases and

Cancer already in the next generation

would be almost unknown?

Used for all assembly and dismantling processes

the Body biochemical tools. Without

he can do these elementary life functions

don't run, get sick and die. The

common term for this biochemical

Tools is enzymes *. With the help of this

Tools are all construction and

Breakdown processes carried out in the body.

This includes, among other things, the structure of body tissue

(e.g. of muscles), maintenance the stability

of bones and articular cartilage, wound healing,

Breakdown and detoxification of pollutants

and the production of antibodies against


These tool materials without the physical

Life is not possible to exist

mostly of two parts -

comparable to a two-part

Screwdriver, the out

one big handle and one

small stake through the

the Screwdriver to working

Tool will.

With the biochemical tools

of the body, the enzymes,

is the Handle a big one

Protein molecule, the the body

produces itself - the Functional use

is a vitamin (e.g. vitamin

C) othe a mineral (e.g.

Magnesium), that or the the

Do not manufacture bodies yourself

can, sonthen that this every day

must be supplied.

Enzymes and vitamins / minerals as theen

"Functional assignments" do vital ones

Construction work in the human body. Enzymes

are in this comparison the whole screwdrivers,

the from one hand

Shaft (protein molecule) and the functional insert

(a vitamin or similar)the a mineral)

consists. Only with the help of the handle

(of the protein molecule) can get the needed

Inserts (vitamins / minerals) their effect


* Enzyme (s): produced in living cellsasked organic compounds,

which enable biochemical processes in the organism. The

Effectiveness of an enzyme is to a large extent dependent on its spatial

Structure-dependent (to Greek en: in and Greek zyme: sourdough,

literally: "in the sourdough", since it originally occurs there

was observed).

** FAO: The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations,

FAO, is also called the World Food Organization in the German-speaking area

designated. She is a sontheorganization the United

Nations based in Rome and the Task, production and the

Distribution of agricultural products and food

to improve worldwide. She has, allegedly for this purpose too,

developed the Codex Alimentarius, the - so the official wording -

Defined "international standards for food safety".

Active Member

When we see scientific advances

this centurytheconsider ts in general,

then we have to admit our lives

improved by many insights and

was relieved.

This very science has found

that our

"get older" not with

the phenomena of decay known to us


must, sonthen that spiritual

and physical health,

a strong immune system and

unlimited zest for life

possible into old age

are - but only with one


nourished cell system.

However, if we have knowledge of ourselves

and deepen our vital functions and

those from the Linus Pauling University Health Club

adopt recommended actions and

apply the well-known "infirmity"

not meet.

Take your health into it yourself

Hand in hand and take advantage of the benefits that are given to you

with today's scientific knowledge

and the recommendation products

the Linus Pauling University Health Club

will and help you with these insights

also ontheen people to participate

let them become and become an active contributor

in the great community of Linus

Pauling University Health Club. The others

Explanations in this brochure should

Give you reason to do so, tootheen people

to help them make their own judgment

can form and not always at all

this “pharmaceutical-controlled” press releases

(see "bird flu", "swine flu",

Codex Alimentarius ", among others).

A special brochure about

“My career with Linus Pauling

University Health Club "gives you one

Overview of the possibilities of an active


If you do not have this active cooperation

wish so much, and yet someone

want to recommend then

is that too in a simple way

possible, namely the Memberrequest

in the name of your friend

fill in and under "Recommended"

Your Memberinsert number,

and you will receive a referral fee

from the geortheth

Cell nutrition products

in the Height of 12% ... and that

as long as your acquaintance

this relates, that is, a life

long, because he (she) wants

but healthy for a lifetime

stay! (Minimum monthly order volume

is to


● 9

Codex Alimentarius

10 ●

One has already heard a lot of ominous things about him

so-called "Codex Alimentarius" or similarthe to German the

"Food Code": He should ensure that natural

Food would be radioactively irradiated,

that genetic engineering no longer has to be declared

be that the daily recommended dose of dietary supplement

can be further reduced

must and much more. What is it about all of this?

Dr. med. Gottfried Lange from the World union

for naturopathic sciences and

Dr. rer. nat. Robert Verkerk of the ANH (Alliance

for Natural Health, Alliance for Natural Health)

have the 5000-page Codex jumble

penetrated and uncover what it is about

the Codex depends on which goals it pursues, which

It harbors dangers, what everthe Citizens know

should - and if necessary can do.

Everthe second person dies of heart attack these days

Othe Stroke and everthe fourth to cancer -

with a preceding years to decades

Ordeal. And at least eachthe second

25 year old already has deposits in the arteries,

but which are not yet noticeable at this age. Alone

half a year die in Germany

Million people with heart attacks or similarthe Stroke,

around 13 million worldwide, and a quarter of a million

People from cancer, around 7 million worldwide. These

Diseases (cardiovascular diseases and

Cancer) make up 75 percent of all diseases

and include the main sanitary

Problems of humans and thus also of

Doctor in the daily medical practice. you are

also the major cost drivers, the expenditure

for medical treatment and health insurance contributions

drifts to dizzying heights and

burdens the budget of all nations enormously.

According to official accounts, these are diseases

Still unsolved mysteries, they are considered unstoppable

Fate considered. Of course -

so we are told - be the medical treatments

The medical one has already gotten much better

Research is on the right track

Way and we all just have to keep on doing it

believe that the solution to these problems will be short

before stand.

The truth: Asked for decades

these diseases are no longer a problem at all

because the intensive research of the

20th centurythets found both

the solution for cardiovascular diseases


also for cancer.

Due to


Research results, but hardly any of them

something the general public learns is both

possible to treat the mentioned common diseases

as well as preventing them.

Codex Alimentarius

The food guidelines of the "Codex Alimentarius"

should be a consumer protection requirement

become. Meanwhile, the most diverse

Interest groups this venture in their favor

changethet. The Gesuntheattitude of the citizen

no longer matters. Power interests and monetary

Interests determine the content of this paper.

control the Health through the Codex


The Codex Alimentarius Commission is one

False flag institution. Most people

have never heard of her, and the

the rest can hardly see the real face

this very powerful organization. According to the official

Commission website is made up of the selfless

Determination of the body therein, "the health

the Protecting consumers and fair trade in food

to ensure, as well as the vote

of all efforts by international governments

and non-governmental organizations around food standards

to advance. "

The Codex Alimentarius (lat. For "food

Code ") is shared by the World Food Organization

(FAO) and the World health organization

(WHO) controlled.

The story of the Codex Alimentarius

The history of the Codex began in 1893 when

Austria-Hungary found that a special set of rules

researchtheafter the courts of justice in

Could judge disputes over food. The

resulting collection of official regulations

became known as the Codex Alimentarius. He was up

for neverthegear the Dual Monarchy 1918 in


Ruled at a meeting in 1962

the United Nations, the Codex for "protection"

the Consumer health worldwide

howthe to introduce.

Two-thirds the Funding for the Codex came from

the WEO, the remaining third of the WHO.

Changetheungen took their course

In 2002 came the two organizations

however, because of serious concerns the Alignment

of the Codex. An external expert was commissioned

the achievements and successes of the regulations

since 1962 to evaluate and the at the further

Work to determine the direction to take.

The appraiser found that the entire

Codex should be crushed immediately.

At that point, big industry switched itself off

and began to exert its powerful influence.

The revised version of the report

was then an abgemilthety request to the Commission,

around 20 problem points in the Codex

To take care of.

Profits and Control Mechanisms

Since 2002 the commission for the Codex Alimentarius

quietly their role as international

Public health and consumer protection organization

given up. Controlled by the

Big industry lies the secret determination of the

new codex now in it, the profits the global corporate conglomerates

to increase and at the same time

through control the Food the world domination

about the food to obtain.

USA supports pharmaceutical interests

The United States of America is clearly that

dominant land behind the Codex agenda. your

The primary goal is to serve the multinational interests

the Pharmaceutical, agricultural and chemical giants to meet.

On the recent meeting in Geneva

(June 30 to July 4, 2008) was the United States the Chair

the Codex Commission awarded. You will

our health self-determination now

more strictly restrict, continue to misinformation

and lies about nutrients and genetically engineered

Organisms spread and at the same time tacitly

strive for population control.

Atthee lengththe mistakenly believe that the US

at the Food safety the

most advanced


technologies are available. This is one the

Reasons why the Codex Commission continues

dominated by the USA: Whatever they ask,

their allies (Australia, Argentina,

Brazil, Canada, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia,

Mexico, Singapore and the EU) are practically pulling

always to the astonishment of many scientists.

Deceptive and deadly tool

That the commission meetings on the

be held all over the world