What goes well with plaid shorts

Fashionable on the ball: this is how you combine checked trousers

Large checks, small checks, two or more colors, light or dark - the range of checked trousers is huge! However, they all have one thing in common: on them there are many merging and overlapping strips that look like many small squares. Together they result in the check pattern, which most of us probably associate with Scotland and the typical kilt, right? By the way, I've never been to Scotland and I've never seen a man in a tartan skirt - unfortunately!

But back to the plaid pants. Did you know that diamonds are not always diamonds? There are also a few subtle differences:

- If fine diamonds meet coarser diamonds, it is Glencheck

- If the stripes are actually not stripes but spikes, one speaks of Houndstooth pattern

- If the squares run diagonally and are no larger than 1 centimeter, it is Pepita

Fit and special features

In addition to the different types of checked, there are also differences in the fit of checked trousers. For example, the trousers can be very close to the leg (“slim legs”) or cut straight (“straight leg”).

Small details, such as galon stripes, creases, drawstrings or front pockets, can additionally enhance the checked trousers and make them a real eye-catcher.