How do I get an emergency loan

Don't lose any time thanks to instant loans

Use video identification method

With the video identification process, consumers can contribute to a quick processing of the instant loan. The decisive advantage of video identification: You can identify yourself conveniently from home at any time. The procedure works via video call. All you need is a laptop, smartphone or tablet, a stable internet connection and your valid photo ID.

Upload documents online

Photograph or scan all the requested documents and send them to the lender via document upload. He can then immediately access all documents. This speeds up the processing process and the money can be paid out more quickly.

Sign via QES

A qualified electronic signature (QES) is not a manual signature that has to be scanned and placed in the designated place in the loan agreement. Anyone who signs digitally does not put his signature under the loan agreement with a pen, but signs it with a click of the mouse and the push of a button. This saves a lot of time and is therefore ideal for the instant loan.

Payout in 48 hours

If you use all the available online procedures for your application and submit your documents immediately, you can ideally have the money in your account after 48 hours. Depending on the lender and the individual case, a payout within 24 hours is also possible.

Our cooperation partner WebID explains the video identification process