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The second largest city in the USA (Los Angeles is Spanish and means “The Angels”) is the center of the film industry and the destination of Highway Route 66. The city in California is therefore at the top of many travelers' list of dream destinations. LA offers something to suit everyone's taste: world-famous film studios, lively beaches, amusement parks, luxury shopping and countless museums. This article describes the most interesting attractions in Los Angeles and gives tips for planning a trip, such as applying for an ESTA for the United States.

Hollywood: the hub of the film industry

Los Angeles is the city where the most famous film studios are located in the United States, such as Universal, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures and Warner bros. Take a tour of these studios to learn about film production and see the world-famous film sets for yourself. The roots of the American film industry are in the famous Hollywood district, but most of the film studios have since moved to other parts of Los Angeles.

There are three major boulevards running through Hollywood: Sunset Boulevard, Melrose Avenue, and Hollywood Boulevard. The Hollywood Boulevard is mainly because of the Walk of Fame, one of the most visited attractions in Los Angeles. On both sides of this boulevard and also in the Vine Street You can find more than 2,500 cobblestones with stars and the names of stars from the world of film, music, theater and television in them. The stones are arranged alphabetically by last name so you can easily find your idol.

North of the district - in the Hollywood Hills - are the legendary white Hollywood letters. You can on Brush Canyon Trail hike up behind the letters, but the letters are also easy to see from most parts of town.

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Beverly Hills: home of world stars

Although it is often believed that Beverly Hills is a borough of Los Angeles, it is actually a separate city that is part of Los Angeles County. Beverly Hills is known for the many celebrities who live there, often in huge mansions. In the largest shopping street - the Rodeo Drive - find expensive stores of exclusive brands. This is the ideal place to, with a bit of luck, meet one of the celebrities.

Another part of Los Angeles that is popular with tourists is Downtown LA. This is where the city's business center is located, where the Los Angeles Times newspaper is based. But here are also the districts of Chinatown and Little Tokyo, where the largest Japanese-American population in the United States lives.

Beaches and neighborhoods with mixed populations

Los Angeles is also loved for its many beaches, among other things Venice Beach. The beach of Venice is one of the most visited beaches in California. The district Venice got its name because of its many canals and bridges that are reminiscent of Venice. Venice stands in stark contrast to the wealth and abundance of Beverly Hills. The atmosphere of the creative district is shaped by street artists, artists and people who play sports in the open air.

Just a few kilometers from Venice Beach away is Santa Monica Beach and the Santa Monica Pier, which can be seen in countless films and series. Santa Monica is also the destination of Highway Route 66, so many travelers end their road trip through the USA here on this beach. If you are going on a longer road trip and want to visit other cities or parts of the country besides Los Angeles, you can also use an ESTA, because with this travel authorization you can stay in the United States for up to 90 days.


Art lovers will also get their money's worth in Los Angeles. in the Getty Center in the district Brentwood to the west of Los Angeles, you can see the J. Paul Getty Collection, among other things. This exhibition includes sculptures, paintings and manuscripts from classical antiquity. Visiting the museum is free and you have a wonderful view of the city from the hill on which the museum is built.

Another famous museum in the city is this Los Angeles County Museum of Art, also known as the LACMA. It is the largest museum in the western United States. In this museum you can see works of art from classical antiquity to contemporary art.

Apply for ESTA or USA visa

If you want to visit the famous movie sets, Hollywood or the museums of Los Angeles, you need an ESTA or a visa. You simply apply for the ESTA online, while for a visa you have to make an appointment at the American consulate. German, Austrian and Swiss tourists usually meet the requirements for entry with the ESTA and do not need a visa. One of these requirements is that you cannot stay in the United States for more than 90 consecutive days. A stopover in Canada, Mexico or one of the Caribbean islands is also included in the maximum length of stay. In general, 90 days is enough to see Los Angeles and possibly the rest of California.

Applying for an ESTA only takes a few minutes. After you have paid the ESTA fee, you will usually receive confirmation that your application has been approved within 3 days. You do not need to print out this confirmation. Your airline and the American border control authorities will use your passport number to check whether you have been issued a valid ESTA.