Is DUI a crime in Florida

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When covenant or bragging about crimes you want Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney Bradford Cohen by your side.

State and federal Florida criminal defense attorney, Bradford Cohen, nationally recognized for his expert legal commentary in the area of ​​criminal defense, has provided representation to individuals who have been wrongly accused and treated unjustly in the state and federally on criminal matters such as drug trafficking, possession of cocaine, MDMA, marijuana or other drugs, domestic violence, gun charges, complex white collar crimes, DUI, lewd and lascivious behaviors, grand theft, burglary and manslaughter. Bradford has criminal trial experience in the state and federal courts, and out of the state of Florida. The "tightly entangled" criminal defense attorney, as extolled by the Miami Herald, was recently recognized as one of the " of the Best Lawyers in America ”with his focus on criminal defense. Let his experience in court rooms help you out of your situation. Bradford is a member of the Florida Staff, the Federal Staff for the Southern and Central Florida Districts, 11th Jury Court of Appeal in Atlanta, the Broward Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (Vice President), and the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. He has been published in the Florida Southern Reporter for his appeals taken to the 4th District Court of Appeal.

When it comes to federal criminal affairs in and out of the state of Florida, experience counts. If you are a subject or target of a federal investigation, named to testify before a grand jury or by federal agencies in connection with a federal investigation, it is imperative you contact Bradford immediately to protect your rights. We check ourselves with every federal case. Our results speak for themselves.

We have lawyers in the House of Advice that handle all immigration and family law matters. We know that many criminal cases can be intertwined with family disputes, divorce, and immigration status. That's why we have advice lawyers in the house who also handle all immigration and family law matters.

Consultation with our office is completely free of charge: Contact Bradford Cohen to schedule an initial consultation. Bradford will not have an associate attorney meeting with you on your matter. He personally meets with all of the clients to go over their case in detail, including getting their police report and any other information necessary to give them the advice you need. Please contact our office today and speak directly to criminal defense attorney, Bradford Cohen at 954.523.7774 for the help you need to defend the charges made against you. If you or your loved one is being held in jail, or a federal delay service, Bradford Cohen visits personally within 24 hours of being held.

Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, help for your criminal business is always a phone call away. Our main office is right down the street from the Broward District Court House in Fort Lauderdale. We also have offices in Miami, Dade, and West Palm Beach.

If you need help on your criminal defense matter call the Bradford Cohen law firms, we never rest on our past victories, we prove ourselves with every case.