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Nice "Gschwelltikörbli" jacket potato sack

for approx. 2kg potatoes (triplets)

Width 12cm
Length 16cm
Height 17cm

Inner material: Base material: 50% cotton, 50% polyester, coating: 100% polyacrylic.
Middle layer: Thermolan special fabric with very good insulation 100% polyester
Outer layer: 100% cotton
Cord: 100% cotton

To wash:
30 degrees
Not in the dryer

These storage bags keep your jacket potatoes nice and warm for a long time,
so that you can still enjoy delicious warm potatoes at the end of your raclette meal.
Inside there is a coating that allows steam from the warm potatoes to be kept inside.
The middle layer is made of an insulating material that retains the heat
The outer layer and the fastener are made of pure cotton.

Potatoes are for photo purposes only and are not included in the offer!

I hope you will have a lot of fun with your "baskets"!

Your Nicole

I would be happy to make your "wish basket" (utensil / bread basket) for you!

Here you can choose your "basket" from almost 100 different fabric combinations
get made.

Of course, the size can also be selected up to a certain maximum.

Just write to me and we'll find the right one together.

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