Who is the largest producer of silane


Evonik has in common with the Partner Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation (TNSC) in Yokkaichi, Japan, 400 km south of Tokyo, the new combined plant for the production of Monosilane and Aerosil inaugurated. Evonik is thus implementing a pioneering project for the use of
Solar energy and at the same time invests in the future electronics market. The new building has a volume of around € 150 million and was the company's largest single project in 2010. Evonik has signed a long-term supply contract for monosilane with TNSC. Monosilane is used in the production of silicon layers for solar cells, flat screens and for semiconductors in the electronics industry. Aerosil will
processed in plastics, paints and varnishes, for example. Klaus Engel, CEO of Evonik said at the inauguration ceremony in Yokkaichi: “With this substantial investment in Japan, we are expanding our significant technology and market position in the future solar energy market. In doing so, we are once again making a significant contribution to the global megatrend of resource efficiency. "Engel was affected by the huge natural disaster that struck Japan in March, as well as by the consequences it had for the nuclear power plant Fukushima would have. He emphasized: “It is all the more important to set a signal today with our employees, partners and guests
and inaugurate the new facility together. "

Thomas Hermann, Head of Business Unit Inorganic Materials, explained: "The monosilane produced in Yokkaichi enables us to participate in the particularly strong growth in Asia for applications in thin-film photovoltaics, flat screens and semiconductors." The partner TNSC is one of the most important global distributors for industrial and specialty gases, zu to which the silanes belong, and has been supplying major customers in the electronics industry in Asia for many years. Evonik developed the process for monosilane production itself and already operates a plant in Rheinfelden. The plant in Yokkaichi now enables the company to produce monosilane with electronics Quality for the Asian market Evonik is a major global manufacturer of chlorosilanes and monosilanes and thus produces key components for the solar energy and electronics industries.