Should we have another war

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armed force

War can arise when governments and politicians in different countries no longer talk to each other in order to resolve their conflicts in a peaceful manner. Then these states try to resolve the dispute violently with weapons and the military. If there is a war, there are always many injured and dead. People often suffer from the consequences of a war even after the war is long over.

Reasons for war

There are wars of aggression or defense, wars of conquest, war of liberation, and wars of faith or wars with which one wants to forestall another war. Wars are fought on land, at sea or in the air, or everywhere at the same time. If there is a war between ethnic groups within a state, it is called a "civil war".

Dangerous weapons
In earlier centuries war was waged with firearms, rifles and cannons. With the weapons of mass destruction that many states have today - nuclear weapons, biological and chemical weapons - one can not only kill people, but also make the world uninhabitable for a long time. All politicians hope that these weapons will not be used in the wars, however no one can say for sure. Because of these dangers, millions of people around the world come together again and again to protest against the war.
Peaceful conflict resolution

Because wars are so cruel, states should always try to resolve conflicts peacefully. The example of Germany and France shows that this can be possible. The two countries were enemies for a long time and waged many wars against each other. In the meantime, the former enemies have become friendly states.

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