What foods increase seminal fluidity

With celery and water: Produce more sperm: These home remedies will help
In fact, home remedies can produce more sperm. Food, exercise and suitable nutritional supplements help to increase sperm production. Read here in detail how you can increase your sperm count.

Celery, water etc; This is how you produce more sperm

You will be able to produce more sperm thanks to the following home remedies.

  • celery: The green vegetables contain androstenone. It is a pheromone that is attractive to women. Not only that, celery also causes increased seed production.

  • water: Since sperm is largely made up of water, it helps to absorb a lot of fluids to stimulate the discharge of sperm. Therefore drink two to three liters per day for a stronger ejaculation.

  • temperature: The optimal temperature for healthy sperm is one degree below your own body temperature. Avoid too frequent, too long sauna sessions, tight trousers or shorts.

  • Healthy lifestyle:Refrain from smoking and alcohol, exercise, and eat healthily. Also, avoid stress, as it lowers testosterone levels. In addition, a healthy lifestyle not only contributes to an increase in sperm cells.

  • Sex technique: Try the stop-start technique during sex. You stop shortly before your own orgasm, wait until the excitement subsides and then continue. If you do this at least three times, your amount of ejaculation will be greater.

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Other means of producing more sperm

Thanks to nutritional supplements, you can also give your sperm a boost.

  • With Maca Powder or Maca capsules can be used to treat potency problems or a decreased libido. Athletes use it to increase their physical performance. The power food also has a positive effect on your sperm.

  • L-arginineis an amino acid that stimulates blood circulation and is also recommended for potency problems. With constant intake of L-arginine for several months, the sperm count increases a lot and the sperm become even more mobile.

  • zincis contained in the sperm ejaculate with up to 5 milligrams. By taking additional zinc, you promote the production of sperm, because zinc protects the sperm from free radicals.

  • ginseng: Ginseng expands blood vessels and thus improves blood flow to all organs, including the sexual organs. According to a Korean study from 2014, ginseng also has a positive effect on sperm.

In the next article you will read about other ways you can get pregnant quickly.

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