When do the Jews go to church?

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Church and Judaism

Welcome to the field of work Church and Judaism of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Hanover!

If you are interested in Judaism or the Christian-Jewish relationship, you have come to the right place!

The regional church of Hanover has fundamentally changed its relationship to Judaism in the last few decades. She knows what she owes to Judaism and the Jewish brothers and sisters: that they bear testimony of God, the God of the fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and of the mothers Sarah, Rebekah, Lea and Rachel. This testimony is kept alive by Jews today and in the future with Christians.

Respect and the search for encounters with respect and appreciation determine the relationship with Jewish communities today. This attitude is expressed e.g. in the Synodal Declaration of 1995 and in the amended constitution of the regional church of Hanover from 2013.

The insights recorded there include:

  • The permanent election of the Jewish people
  • Knowledge of the Church's guilt towards Jews
  • The responsibility in combating old and new forms of anti-Judaism and anti-Semitism
  • A rejection of mission among Jews against the background of the permanent election
  • The renewal of theology, worship practice and teaching.

The field of work Church and Judaism sees his task in bringing these insights into the church and society and in improving the Christian-Jewish relationship.

Because "the coexistence of Christians and Jews is (...) a common journey in the responsibility for justice, peace and the integrity of creation."

(Synod of the EKD, 2016)