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Corona in England: The infected Prime Minister Johnson addresses the population in a video. Meanwhile, the behavior of the police has met with criticism.

  • The coronavirus * is also causing more and more deaths in Great Britain.
  • A three-week curfew has been in effect in the UK since March 23.
  • While criticism of him grows, Prime Minister Boris Johnson addresses the population with a video.
  • Here you will find the basic facts about the coronavirus and the corona news from Germany. You will also find the current number of cases in Germany as a map here. There are currently the following recommendations for corona protective measures.

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Update, April 1st, 6:10 a.m .:In London a man has been sentenced to six months' imprisonment for coughing a policeman and giving him a Corona infection had threatened. The 55-year-old was stopped by the officer while he was working on the door handles of parked cars, shares the police With. The man then exclaimed that he was infected with the corona virus and would infect the officials.

The man then coughed according to the information in the direction of the police officers. He also spat in the face of the officer and threatened to bite him. The 55-year-old has now been sentenced on the basis of a law that has been in force since November 2018 and up to one year in prison for attacks on security forces during operations in Emergency situations provides.

Corona in England: 500 deaths within 24 hours

Update, 3:20 p.m .:Great Britain for the first time has more than 500Deaths in a period of 24 hours through the Coronavirus recorded. As reported by the Ministry of Health in London, 563 people have died from the day before Lung diseaseCovid-19. The number of deaths in the United Kingdom rose to 2,352. Almost 30,000 people have been shown to have been infected with the virus. The actualnumber the Infected however, it should be much higher.

Great Britain has so far only carried out a few tests compared to Germany and has long implemented drastic measures to contain the pandemic hesitated. Tennis legend Boris Becker Meanwhile, reports from his adopted home London - and criticizes the hysteria.

Corona in England: Boy (13) dead without previous illnesses - fundraising campaign for family

Update, 11.25 a.m.:Now some details about the in London deceased 13 year oldsBoys known (please referbelow). The boy's family, named Ismail, is currently waiting for the autopsy result.

The 13-year-old was with us last Thursday (March 26th) Respiratory problems to King's College Hospital in the south of London and died on Monday (March 30th). The clinic confirmed that the boy was dealing with the Coronavirus had infected. However, she has not yet given any further details.

For the Funeral expenses and in support of the family a fundraising campaign was initiated: Ismail's father died of cancer, the mother has six other children.

In some countries there have been isolated reports in recent days from children and adolescents who had been infected with the coronavirus and had died. The WHO chief warned.

Corona in England: The situation continues to worsen - fire letter to Boris Johnson

Update, 10.30 a.m .: The location in Great Britain becomes more and more acute. As the equipment in many Clinics, Doctor's offices and Nursing homes is in a desolate state, doctors and nurses sound the alarm. They wrote an incendiary letter to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, reports the Times.  

"It is time to act," it says. The letter was signed more than 20,000 times within 36 hours. New ones

Coronavirus infections

To avoid, the signatories urge Johnson to ensure that medical personnel are safely protected.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus is spreading in Italy. *

Corona in England: 13-year-old without previous illnesses dies in an artificial coma

Update from April 1, 8:41 a.m .:In London is a 13 year old Boy after a infection with the new Coronavirus died. The hospital and the boy's family announced on Tuesday evening that nothing was known about the boy's previous illness.

According to his family, 13-year-old Ismail was infected with the pathogen on Thursday typicalSymptoms and Shortness of breath Admitted to London's King's College Hospital and positive to that a day later Coronavirus tested. It became artificial ventilated and in a artificialcoma offset. boy passed away then on monday.

Corona in England: After the death of 13-year-old - experts warn urgently

The boy's case shows "how important it is that we do everything possible Precautions take to the distribution the infection too reduce"said Nathalie MacDermott, a senior lecturer at King's College.

The 13-year-old is believed to be the youngest so far Covid-19 fatalities in Great Britain. Also on Tuesday, the Belgian authorities reported the death of a twelve-year-old girl after being infected with the virus. Last week, the death of a 16-year-old in Paris caused a sensation.

In Great Britain, 1,789 were killed by those caused by the coronavirus by Tuesday Lung disease Covid-19 counted.

Corona in England: deaths are rising rapidly

Update at 6.45 p.m .:The number of people infected with corona and deaths is also increasing day by day in Great Britain.

John Hopkins University counts 1,789 deaths and almost 25,500 with the on Tuesday evening (as of 6:40 p.m.) Coronavirus infected people. The number of people who suffered the consequences of the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 died, has increased by 378 since Tuesday morning, and the number of infected people has risen by almost 3,000.

Corona in England: Police have an adventurous idea - with watercolor against infections?

Update at 1:23 p.m .: In England the police are taking adventurous measures to prevent possible gatherings. The actions of the officials are criticized by some politicians. There is also criticism on the Internet. But what happened? The “Blue Lagoon” near Buxton is a hotspot on the hunt for the perfect photo.

A hunt that the police now wanted to stop by all means. For this they took action Officials now to the paint tube. Anyone who has their picture taken in front of the picturesque landscape from now on will notice a huge black splash of color. Because the otherwise bright turquoise blue lake was dyed black by the police. On Facebook officials justify their action: “The place is dangerous and gatherings there are contrary to current instructions from the British government. That's why we visited the site today and used water color, ”wrote the Buxton police on Facebook.

Coronavirus in England: Politicians criticize police action

The area is in close proximity to the metropolitan areas around Sheffield and Manchester. When the weather is good, it naturally attracts numerous people from the surrounding area - even during the Corona crisis.

Although the police measure has a serious background, the British tabloid "The Sun" writes that the officers have seen the idyll"ruin" would. Quite a few politicians see it similarly. The former British Secretary of State and MP in the House of Commons, David Gauke writes on Twitter that the action is absolutely out of place in the current situation. Rather, it should police use their resources for other purposes than wasting their time on such measures.

This is badly misjudged. People should maintain social distancing, which is what these people are doing. We need to maintain public support for fundamental behavior change which requires the authorities to focus on genuinely bad behavior. https://t.co/KSi2zQloJZ

- David Gauke (@DavidGauke) March 26, 2020

The lake has been discolored several times in the past. This was to prevent people from bathing. The pit was created on the area of ​​a former limestone quarry - this explains the Caribbean blue color of the water.

Meanwhile, the situation in Germany is worsening. In Saxony, the number of deaths continues to rise - an Italian Covid 19 patient has also died.

Update from March 31, 10:00 a.m .: The number of corona deaths continues to increase in Great Britain. Johns Hopkins University currently has 1,411 deaths. In addition, 22,454 people are infected. This also includes Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Corona in England: Johnson addresses the population in a video - now also symptoms at Cummings

Update from March 30th, 12:45 p.m .: Having already become Prime MinisterBoris Johnson and Minister of HealthMatt Hancock with the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 The controversial British government adviser may have infected himself Dominik Cummings infected.

British media reported on Monday in London that he suffered from the corresponding symptoms and went into self-isolation. A government spokeswoman wanted at the request of the German press agency do not comment on this.

The campaign strategist Cummings is considered to be an unpredictable puller who controls the politics of Prime Minister Boris Johnson significantly shapes.

Coronavirus in England: Johnson addresses the population in a Twitter message

Johnson claims to have mild symptoms and works in isolation.

In one on the short message service Twitter published video, on which he looked battered, thanked the head of government for the helpfulness of the British. Johnson also wrote: "By delaying the spread of the disease, we can reduce the pressure on our NHS and hope to save many thousands of lives."

About 750,000 volunteers want to support the NHS (National Health Service). In addition, 20,000 retired doctors, nurses and pharmacists are back to work.

Thanks to everyone who has been staying at home.

By delaying the spread of the disease we can reduce the pressure on our NHS, and that's how we hope to save many thousands of lives. # StayHomeSaveLivespic.twitter.com / kxdqItMYSE

- Boris Johnson #StayHomeSaveLives (@BorisJohnson) March 29, 2020

Corona virus in England: situation is coming to a head - expert with urgent warning

Update from March 30th, 10:37 am:According to experts, life in Great Britain is unlikely to return to normal for about half a year. Removing exit restrictions too quickly because of the Corona pandemic could trigger a second wave of infections, warned Jenny Harriesadvising the government on medical issues on Sunday evening in London. "But that does not mean that we will have a complete curfew for six months." The measures would have to be regularly checked and adjusted.

In the UK, more than 1200 people have already suffered the consequences Covid-19 lung disease died, including at least two doctors. The government is under great pressure because many critics believe that it reacted too late and too slackly to the outbreak. In addition, there is a shortage of ventilators and that the NHS (National Health Service) is chronically underfunded and ailing. Among other things, there is also a lack of protective equipment such as masks.

Meanwhile, the situation in nursing homes in Germany is getting worse. 17 people from a nursing home in Wolfsburg die after being infected with the corona virus.

Corona in Great Britain: British airline Easyjet leaves entire fleet on the ground

Update from March 30th, 9:37 a.m .:The BritishEasyjet airline leaves because of the Corona pandemic their entire fleet on the ground since Monday. The airline had already severely restricted its air traffic as a result of border closings and travel restrictions.

According to its own information, Easyjet carried out over 650 return flights by Sunday and brought more than 45,000 customers home. "We will continue to work with government agencies to conduct additional return flights as needed," the company said. When the commercial flights can be resumed, however, is not yet foreseeable.

Update 9.49 p.m.: The due to the Corona pandemic imposed UK curfew will according to the government significantly longer than three weeks last for. “I cannot make an exact prediction. But I think everyone has to be prepared for the fact that this measure will remain in force for some time to come, ”said Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Cabinet Affairs, on Sunday the BBC.

Corona in Great Britain: Johnson plans curfew for three weeks - epidemiologist expects months

prime minister Boris Johnson, who suffered from Covid-19 himself, announced about a week ago that the Curfew about three weeks will last. Great Britain imposed the measure much later than most other European countries. The epidemiologist Neil Ferguson from Imperial College London, which also advises the government, thinks of one more months of blocking out. “In my opinion, we need to maintain these measures for a significant period of time - probably until the end of May, maybe even until the beginning of June. May is optimistic“, He predicted in an interview with the Sunday Times.

Meanwhile, State Secretary Gove also criticized the Chinese government. At the beginning of the pandemic, Beijing did not make "the extent, type and risk of contagion" of the virus clear. In the UK were total until Sunday 127,737 people tested for the novel virus, at The test was positive for 19,522. Also were 1,228 deaths reported as a result of Covid-19.

Update 5:07 p.m .: In Great Britain the corona crisis has worsened significantly in the past few days. In addition to the drastic increase in the number of infected people, it was announced on Friday that Prime Minister Boris Johnson tested positive for Covid-19 has been. Health Minister Matt Hancock is also infected with Corona. While many are now concerned about the government's ability to act in the future, the former British Minister of Health has Jeremy HuntGermany in dealing with the corona pandemic as a rolemodel designated.

Corona in Great Britain: British ex health minister calls for more Covid-19 tests

in the Sunday Telegraph demanded the conservative politician, in Great Britain one To test the majority of the population for the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen. More tests - like in Germany - could help limit the spread of the virus and thus better protect particularly vulnerable population groups. Hunt, who was once one of Johnson's adversaries in the battle for prime minister, also referred to experiences in Taiwan and Singapore. Thanks to many tests and tracking of contacts, far less drastic measures against the spread of the virus would have had to be introduced there. "With mass tests, accompanied by rigorous tracking of every single person who came into contact with a Covid-19 patient, one can get the Break the transmission chain“Wrote the ex-minister.

Hunt has been one of the worst since the pandemic began Government critic in London. Early he demanded tougher measures, initially to no avail. Great Britain tests only a few patients compared to Germany. It is therefore assumed that there is a very high number of unreported infections. The country had around 19,500 confirmed cases and more than 1,200 deaths as of Sunday. For comparison: In Germany, more than 52,000 infections have been confirmed, 389 patients have died as a result of Covid-19, according to the current status of the Robert Koch Institute.

Corona in Great Britain: Concerns about the government's ability to act are growing in London

Update 2:01 p.m .: After not only Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Health Secretary Matt Hancock are infected, but also the top one Government Health Advisor, Chris Wittyto get in Self-isolation has given up, concerns about the government's ability to act are growing in London.According to reports, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab would take over the leadership of the government if Johnson were to stay longer - but there is also speculation as to whether Secretary of State Michael Gove or Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak could step in. That Johnson was still frivolous in early March Corona infected in Hospitals Shook hands and held question time in the cramped parliament afterwards, doesn't let those worries diminish.

There is also news in terms of equipping the country with hospitals, ventilators and improved test capacities: In London, Birmingham and Manchester conference centers are converted into hospitals. And the Dyson vacuum cleaner company should begin to manufacture these - so far only about 8000 devices are available nationwide, at the calculated peak of the epidemic 30,000 devices are expected to be needed in about three weeks. Hospital employees in particular should use a newly developed procedure by then Antigens can be tested.

Great Britain: Boris Johnson sends letters to 30 million households

Update from March 29, 7:11 a.m .:Great Britain prime minister BorisJohnson has become in the corona-Crisis with an emotional letter addressed to his compatriots. In it, he puts the British in the mood for difficult times and no longer rules out even stricter measures in the fight against lung disease.

"It is important for me to speak openly and honestly with you - we know that the situation gets worse before it gets better," read the letter Downing Street published in London on Saturday for the coming week to be sent to 30 million households.

Johnson did not rule out a further tightening of the measures: "We will not hesitate to move on when scientific and medical advice tells us we have to." The death toll from Covid-19 lung disease rose to over 1,020 in the UK on Sunday, and the number of confirmed infections was around around 17,300. On Monday, after a long hesitation, the Prime Minister imposed a curfew.

PM @BorisJohnson is writing to every UK household to urge them to stay at home, protect the NHS and save lives. # StayHomeSaveLivespic.twitter.com / GMNPqEl10d

- UK Prime Minister (@ 10DowningStreet) March 28, 2020

In the letter, Johnson justifies the government's measures to contain the coronavirus. He understands the difficulties that this "disturbance" caused. “But the measures we have taken are absolutely necessary for a very simple reason. If too many people get seriously ill at one time, the (National Health Service) NHS cannot cope. That will cost lives. ”That is why the spread of the disease must be slowed down“ in order to save as many lives as possible ”. There is only one simple instruction - "You have to stay at home." Meanwhile, the coronavirus is spreading in Russia. *

Corona in England: Premier Johnson infected - health service with appalling assumption

Update from March 28th, 7.30 p.m .: Given the rapidly increased Deaths as a result of Sars-CoV-2 - on Saturday the number rose to more than 1.000 - Stephen Powis, medical director of the national health service NHS, spoke at a press conference on Saturday.

“If we have the number of Deaths below 20,000 we did very well in this epidemic, ”he said.

To do this, however, everyone would have to adhere to the rules on social distancing, said Powis. The capacities of the hospitals in which are greatly affected epidemic affected London are not yet exhausted.

Update from March 28, 3:47 p.m .:The number of deaths from the lung disease Covid-19 is in Great Britain on saturday 1019 gone up.

As the Ministry of Health announced in London, died since Friday 260 people on the consequences of an infection with the novel coronavirus. The number of confirmed infections rose to around 17.000.

State of emergency on the island: Premier Johnson infected with Corona - over 100 dead in one day

Update from March 28th, 2:50 p.m .: After it became known on Friday that the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Secretary of Health Matt Hancock suffers from Covid-19 criticism of the UK government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak is growing. So threw John Ashton, a former regional director of the NHS National Health Service, the government inertia in front. This applies both to the measures in the country and to the personal behavior of the two politicians concerned. Both are"too slow" been.

Corona crisis in England: Johnson held sessions in parliament

Johnson had one on Monday Curfew and called on the British to only leave the house if absolutely necessary. But two days after that he answered questions from members of parliament in the cramped parliament. “I was surprised that Question Time was held - it was clearly unnecessary“Ashton told the Guardian.

Also quoted the Financial Times a cabinet member alleged that some ministers were "very reluctant" to put their own advice on social distance into practice. Another member of the government complained, according to the newspaper, that the National Security Council had Cobra until a few days ago "Crammed together" met in a tap-proof meeting room.

Corona crisis in England: Prime Minister Johnson tested positive for Covid-19

Update from March 27, 12:21 p.m .: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson became apparent positive for the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 tested. He announced this on Friday via the short message service Twitter.

The Prime Minister addresses the British in a video message on Twitter. He developed cold symptoms and had himself tested. The test was positive, which is why he will work in the from now on Home office in self-isolation. That is the "absolutely right decision". He thanked the employees of the health system and other systemically relevant professions. Johnson directs an appeal to the citizens asking them to do the Adhere to measures against the virus. Then you could win. "We will defeat it and we will defeat it together."

Over the last 24 hours I have developed mild symptoms and tested positive for coronavirus.

I am now self-isolating, but I will continue to lead the government’s response via video conference as we fight this virus.

Together we will beat this. # StayHomeSaveLivespic.twitter.com/9Te6aFP0Ri

- Boris Johnson #StayHomeSaveLives (@BorisJohnson) March 27, 2020

In Great Britain, the number of new infections and deaths had risen massively in the past few days. On Thursday alone there were more than 100 deaths in a 24 hour period from the novel Coronavirus recorded. The number of officially registered cases was around 11,700, and almost 580 people died.

Update from 2March 6, 8:38 p.m .: The UK has for the first time recorded more than 100 deaths in a 24-hour period from the novel coronavirus. As the Ministry of Health announced in London on Thursday evening, 115 people have died of the lung disease Covid-19 since the previous day. The number of deaths in the United Kingdom rose to 578. Around 11,700 people were known to have been infected with the virus. However, the actual number of infected people is likely to be much higher. Great Britain has so far carried out few tests compared to Germany and has long hesitated to introduce drastic measures to contain the pandemic.

Corona crisis in England: "constant tsunami" affecting hospitals

Update from March 26th, 3:30 p.m .: The UK's national health service, the NHS, has complained of increasing congestion in London's hospitals because of the Coronavirus pandemic. The clinics of the British capital are with a "constant tsunami"Seriously ill corona patients confronted, said senior NHS representative Chris Hopson on Thursday the broadcaster BBC Radio 4.

After the hospitals had "massively" expanded their capacities for intensive medical treatment of patients in the past few weeks, there is now one "Explosion" in the number of seriously ill patients. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that many hospital employees are currently sick themselves and are therefore absent. The sickness rate among hospital staff is "30 percent, 40 percent and in some places even 50 percent," said Hopson. This extent is "unprecedented".

Coronavirus in the UK: Emergency Act enacted

According to information released on Wednesday, so far in the UK 9529 infections detected with the novel coronavirus, 465 infected people died. Last week the government announced the establishment of a 4,000-bed makeshift hospital in a London conference center.

The UK Parliament passed an emergency law to combat the coronavirus pandemic on Wednesday. There's the health authorities who Police and border guards have additional powers to contain the spread of the virus.

A three-week curfew came into effect in the UK on Monday evening. People are only allowed to go shopping, to work, for doctor's appointments and for sporting activities outside the home. Gatherings of more than two people are also prohibited for the time being. Many shops were closed.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson had previously been heavily criticized for his long reluctance to deal with the crisis. The British schools have only been closed since Monday. Restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs, theaters and leisure facilities have not been open since Friday evening.

Coronavirus in the UK: The Latest Numbers

Update from March 26, 11:20 a.m .: The number of deaths is also increasing in the UK. A total of 465 people have so far lost the fight against the novel virus, as reported by Johns Hopkins University. The number is more than twice as large compared to Germany, although Great Britain has so far reported significantly fewer infected people - 9529. However, the number of unreported cases should be a lot higher.

Parliament passes far-reaching emergency law

Update from March 25th, 8:55 p.m .:Coping with the coronavirus is in Great Britain in full swing. The British Parliament passed one on Wednesday Emergency Act, which is intended to simplify corresponding scenarios in times of the pandemic.

So the law gives the government as well as the authorities among others Powers of attorneyto the already regulatedExit restrictions and Closings of shops and other buildings in extreme cases Coercive measures enforce.

Also access to private data the citizen is consequently also relieved. In addition, authorities are given the right to force infected people into quarantine to send what already at Suspicion on infection happens.

Coronavirus in Great Britain: 400,000 Brits volunteer to help

Update from March 25th, 7:50 p.m .:A call from the UK's national health service, the NHS, for helpers against the corona pandemic developed into a wave of solidarity. They reported on a single day 400,000 British volunteersto help fight the virus directly. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced this to journalists in London.

The tasks of the helpers are very varied. Some should eat and Medication deliver, others should drive patients to appointments as well as with people in isolationto phone. Johnson praised the commitment of the many volunteers.

Boris wanted 250,000 volunteers over a few days and they've had over 400,000 in 24 hours ...

I love you Great Britain ❤️ # InThisTogether # GreatBritain

- Katie Hale (@ktjhales) March 25, 2020

Coronavirus in the UK: 12,000 are returning from retirement

The government had just launched a corresponding call the day before (update from March 24, 7:15 p.m.), in which the health service was looking for a quarter of a million healthy volunteers over the age of 18. However, with the overwhelming rush that followed, health ministers are likely Matt Hancock but hardly expected. In addition, around explained 12,000 former NHS employees, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists ready to resume their activities temporarily.

Coronavirus in Great Britain: London City Airport is now closing

Update from March 25, 5:11 p.m.:As London City Airport announces on its website, everyone will commercial and private flights stopped from Wednesday evening. This applies until end of Aprilas the airport announced.

This is to follow the demands and appeals of the government, as people should refrain from traveling and preferably stay at home.

An important update from the airport at the heart of London.

We're looking forward to welcoming you back soon. But for now, stay home and stay safe. https://t.co/WynJSJ3NaOpic.twitter.com/KEZLdHiZiv

- London City Airport (@LondonCityAir) March 25, 2020

Update from March 25, 3:28 p.m .:In the UK there is one 21 year olds in the consequences of the Coronavirus Sars-CoV-2 died. As "The Sun" reports, it should no previous illnesses have had. The British newspaper refers to information provided by the family of the deceased.

The mother did so"The Sun", via Twitter appeals to the population to stay at home and take the pandemic seriously.

Update from March 25th, 2:10 p.m .:The UK government did Couples with separate households urged to terminate their relationship because of the exit restrictions imposed by the coronavirus epidemic Resilience to test. The couples should decide whether to set up a household together or to keep their distance from each other, Jenny Harries, the British government's deputy health officer, told journalists on Wednesday.

However, it should be prevented that people switch back and forth between different households. "Check the strength of your feelings carefully and stay in one household, either together or separately, but stick with it," said Harries.

Update from March 25th, 12 noon:The British heir to the throne, Prince Charles (71), has tested positive for the new corona virus, as reported by merkur.de *. The palace announced on Wednesday. He only had mild symptoms and was otherwise in good health, it said.

Coronavirus: London Undergrounds packed - conditions unacceptable

Update from March 25th, 11:16 am:Despite stricter exit restrictions due to the Corona pandemic many London subways were again overcrowded on Wednesday.

Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, said: “We have to stop all unnecessary trips. Ignoring these rules means losing several lives. ”More employers would have to offer employees to work from home. Quite a few employees of the transport company are already infected or in self-isolation.

Corona in Great Britain: passengers complain about conditions in subways

Many passengers, however, complain about the conditions on social media. “This is unsafe and not fair,” wrote a nurse, for example. The subway was overcrowded, tweeted Barry Trimble, who cares for cancer patients. Keeping your distance is so impossible. "We need more people to stay at home and more trains to run in the mornings and evenings during peak hours."

The rush hour offer has been reduced by around half. The situation exacerbated the dispute between the government and London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Corona: Britain's health minister calls for more underground operations

The demands of the Minister of Health Matt Hancock namely go in the direction of the complaints of the people. As reported by the Evening Standard, he calls for more subways to run again in order to avoid overcrowding and infections. Hancock also criticized that there was "no good reason" for the offer being cut.

A spokesman for the mayor emphasized that "countless times" had been pointed out that the underground trains run less often because many employees - such as drivers - are sick or in self-isolation.

Coronavirus in England: London Undergrounds packed - unskilled workers return from retirement

Update from March 24th, 7.15pm:The UK government wants the National Health Service NHS to fight that Coronavirus* strengthen your back. 250,000 volunteers are supposed to support the NHS, like the UK Minister of Health Matt Hancock announced in London on Tuesday. Scarcely 12,000 NHS employees in retirement already responded to the government's call to active service to return. In addition, a temporary hospital will be opened in the coming week, which will be set up in a conference center, said Hancock.

Corona in Great Britain: Only 82,000 people tested - Health Minister announces millions of tests

The number of deaths from the consequences of the novel coronavirus in Great Britain rose by 87 422, the number of confirmed infections is now over8000. So far, only around 82,000 people have been tested in the UK, which is why the Dark figure is probably considerably higher. However, Hancock asserted that the government was about to millions of Test sets to buy.

NEWS: Today we launch NHS Volunteers - we're calling on those in good health to support our NHS across the country. Details: https://t.co/gUrlid1ud6pic.twitter.com/vPbXuHaiNu

- Matt Hancock (@MattHancock) March 24, 2020

Also read: Meanwhile, another death * as a result of the corona virus became known in Munich.

Corona in Great Britain: London Undergrounds packed - Mayor outraged

Update from March 24th, 1:36 p.m.: Lots London Undergrounds were crowded on Tuesday morning. Passengers huddled in the compartments and on the platforms. Twitter users have posted photos of the conditions. No trace of distance rules. Some Brits seem to take the curfew lightly, criticize users. You endanger people such as doctors, nurses and firefighters, who are urgently needed in the Corona crisis and who are also dependent on public transport.