Why is my FaceTime audio not working

iPad / iPhone FaceTime Failed - You Can Do This


FaceTime is an Apple application that allows you to have free calls or video chats. It can quickly happen that you have problems with it and cannot make calls. Be it because you have no connection or FaceTime cannot be activated. We have some solutions for you here.

FaceTime isn't working - that may be the problem

Are you connected to the internet?

You can only use FaceTime if you are connected to the Internet. So make sure in the settings that you are connected via WiFi or mobile data connection. If you have problems connecting to the WiFi, you can read our article on this.

Can I use mobile data for FaceTime?

If you are not connected via Wi-Fi, but are using the mobile data, you must ensure that use is permitted for FaceTime. To avoid excessive data consumption, you can prohibit FaceTime from using cellular data. Open the Settings and tap "Mobile network". There you activate under"mobile data"FaceTime.

Is FaceTime activated?


In Settings, make sure FaceTime is turned on too.

Is the correct time zone set?

If your time zone is not configured correctly, it can cause problems with FaceTime.


Do you have the latest version of iOS?

Update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS to fix any possible malfunctions. You can read here how to update your iPhone.

Is there a temporary failure?


Of course, it can also be that the fault is not yours, but FaceTime has just failed in general. You can check the system status of all Apple applications on this website: https://www.apple.com/de/support/systemstatus/.

Contact Apple Support

If nothing has helped you so far, you can contact Apple Support here: https://support.apple.com/de-de/contact. Describe your problem and also explain which solutions you have already tried.