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If the door lock is stuck on the car - repairs, costs and finding a workshop

Door locks on the car with a simple mechanism consisting of rods and levers are rather a rarity these days. Modern central locking systems work with relays, electric motors, switches, sensors and a control unit. In the event of a mechanical or radio-transmitted impulse, the control unit coordinates the locking or unlocking of the individual doors using small electric motors. Sensor data that is sent to the control unit serve as the basis for controlling the motors for opening and closing. A car door lock that jams or no longer closes is annoying.

Find out something about the causes, repair and costs of a broken door lock here. You can also compare workshop offers for replacing a defective door lock on your car in your area.

Central locking on different cars

If the car can no longer be unlocked with central locking, it becomes cumbersome for the owner. Then he has to unlock the door with the emergency key integrated in the remote control. Some coupés and convertibles have windows that automatically slide a few millimeters into the window seals when the doors are closed. This is done for better sealing and noise reduction. If the central locking can no longer be opened on such a model because the vehicle battery is empty, the emergency key will not help much. Only the workshop can help here.

Causes when the door lock no longer closes

If a door lock or the locking cylinder is stuck on the car, this can have various causes. The most common problem is the wear and tear that a lock in a car is exposed to. Dust, dirt, water, moisture, frost and the constant vibrations when the door slams shut put a strain on the lock over time. Door locks tend to last the life of a car, but such defects are not uncommon. As a result, the door lock jams or stops working completely. A trip to the workshop is then inevitable because the problem cannot solve itself.

When the door lock on the car is frozen

The exception is a striking or frozen door lock in winter. At this time of year, a striking lock doesn't have to be broken. Freezing temperatures can cause the vehicle battery, for example, to give way to its knees. In most cases, the electric motors in the doors then no longer receive any power to unlock the door locks.

And of course, many drivers are also familiar with the problem when the lock cylinder on the car is frozen. Any moisture that has penetrated freezes in the lock cylinder, expands and blocks the mechanism. With a frozen lock cylinder, simple means often help. For such problems, the trade offers small bottles of de-icing spray that has been mixed with oil. This means that the frozen parts in the lock cylinder can usually be made functional again in a few seconds.

Repairing the door lock on the car in the workshop

Back to the topic of the workshop and a possible repair of the door lock on the car. In some cases, the professionals in the workshop have a few tricks up their sleeves that can get the lock working again as usual. However, the door lock often has to be repaired. Repairing is actually the wrong expression, because defective door locks are generally always replaced. Repairing would be too costly and not economically viable compared to replacing the door lock.

When changing the door locks on a car, the specialist in the workshop must always dismantle the inner door panel. This requires a lot of caution and a sure instinct because the panels are attached to the door with plastic clips. If the fastening screws of the lock are then freely accessible, it can be changed relatively easily. Depending on the vehicle type and the respective model, changing a door lock takes between 30 and a good 60 minutes.

Replacing the door lock on the car - costs

The cost of replacing a door lock is manageable. The costs for a new lock or a new locking cylinder usually remain in the double-digit range. The workshop costs are roughly similar. In total, replacing a door lock or lock cylinder in a specialist workshop should cost from 120 euros. However, it should be mentioned that in some cases it can be useful to change all locking cylinders of the car at the same time. A complete change is often the better option, especially for vehicles with a mechanical central locking system. The specialist staff in our partner workshops will be happy to provide competent, fair and comprehensive advice to those affected and those looking for help, even with these problems.

Examples of costs for replacing the door locks on the different cars:



VW Golf 5 (1K1), Comfortline

from 185 EUR

Renault Scentic III, Dinamique

from 177 EUR

Toyota Aygo (KGB / WNB), base

from 55 EUR

Opel Corsa D, base

from 133 EUR

Skoda Fabia (6Y2 / 6Y3), Classic

from 100 EUR

Renault Twingo (C06), 1.2

from 130 EUR

All of the above prices for changing a door lock are guide values ​​(labor costs and partial prices) including VAT. These can vary depending on the region and vehicle model. The exact costs for your vehicle in your region can be calculated individually at FairGarage.