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USB-OTG - This is how it works and these cell phones are OTG-capable

The USB slot is not only suitable for charging your mobile phone. If your device is USB-OTG-capable, numerous devices can be connected by cable. For example, you can bring a printer, mouse or keyboard to your smartphone. We'll show you how it works and what you need for it.

The abbreviation OTG stands for "On the go". In order to connect additional devices to your mobile phone, your device must be OTG-capable. You also need a corresponding USB OTG adapter cable.

Which cell phones are OTG capable? This app knows

Most current smartphones now support the USB standard. You need a device with at least Android 4.0 installed. With a suitable adapter, the USB functions can also be used with an iPhone. The connection is designed for USB 3.0, but the connection via USB 2.0 also works.

Whether your mobile phone supports USB-OTG can usually be read from the corresponding symbol on the original smartphone packaging. If you no longer have the package, an additional app for Android will give you the answer. Once the USB OTG Checker has been opened, you can immediately see whether your mobile phone is compatible or not.

USB OTG - how it works

If your cell phone is USB OTG compatible, you can connect various devices to your cell phone using a USB cable. These include, among others:

  • USB sticks and external hard drives as memory expansion or for data exchange
  • PlayStation and Xbox controllers for game apps
  • Mouse for better control
  • Keyboard for faster input
  • Digital camera for photo collection on the phone screen

A USB hub can also be connected to the mobile phone via OTG. With the distributor you can connect several USB devices at the same time. How to convert your mobile device into a workstation.

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USB-OTG brings USB sticks, printers and more to your mobile phone

Wired headphones can also be connected to the mobile phone if your device does not have the still popular jack connection. For professional sound recordings, USB-OTG brings an external microphone to the smartphone. If you want to save yourself the need to set up a wireless printer, the simple connection via cable is also an option. Note that the connected accessories must also be USB-to-go-capable. However, this is usually the case with current peripheral devices.

With a keyboard connected via USB-OTG, for example, you can unlock your mobile phone if the screen is broken.