How could I grow another 10 cm

Grow 10cm at 16?

Hello! Since WE had a pimple on my cheek, which has grown bigger and swollen since Monday and was really inflamed. The place was really purulent. It looked like several smaller pimples in a confined space. Overall, the site has a diameter of 1.5-2 cm. At first it didn't hurt at all, but from Tuesday it did. I went to the family doctor and he had prescribed an antibiotic ointment for me and said that it should be better by the WE.

But since it had gotten worse, yesterday I had a very swollen and hot cheek with pain and the lymph nodes were also slightly swollen, I went to the dermatologist this morning.

He said that this was not a simple inflamed pimple, but a massive bacterial infection (I didn't understand the exact name). This is also contagious.

He then took a smear and prescribed a new ointment and antibiotic for me. Because he said that this was absolutely necessary so that the kidneys did not become infested / infected; this would happen very quickly if something like this remained untreated.

At first I didn't even think about it and therefore didn't ask:

How can an inflammation of the cheek lead to kidney involvement? There's no direct connection, is there?

How would I know?